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  1. pjz

    Engine - Trans skid from Dethloff Mfg

    Installed the engine/trans skid plate today. Super easy to install and adds a ton of protection. Well built product and helpful service - called them with a couple questions. If you haven't looked under your Ram yet you will find a lot of vulenaerble areas that could ruin even an easy trail...
  2. pjz

    295/70r18 Spare on Rebel wheel under the truck

    Wanted to share that I was able to fit a Cooper AT3 Xlt 295/70/18 on a Rebel rim under my Laramie. it was super tight and I ended up letting some air out to get it seated. I didn't want to have to carry a spare in the bed so this worked out well. It fits and doesn't look like it will hit the...