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    New truck taken away! WTH???

    I've been speaking to a salesman at a dealer in another state (5 hours away) for about a month waiting for an in transit truck to buy once it hit the ground. Well, I got a call yesterday that it was at the dealer and could hold the keys for the day until I got there. I asked about a deposit to...
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    Early lease trade in calculation

    I'm thinking of turning my '19 Limited in 6 months early for a truck I found on a lot instead of ordering. Would they roll those payments into the new lease or would it just be 3 since Chrysler capital return leasee's get to trade in 3 months out without penalty? Also, what happens since my...
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    No text notifications

    Anyone else experience no text notifications after the latest iPhone software update. Worked great before. My Escalade is also doing the same thing.
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    Whistling noise when window opened or road noise from back seat -- FIXED!

    There were multiple bolts missing from under the back seat on the floor after removing carpet -- dealer plugged them and no whistle and cabin so much more quiet! Star publication #S2023000031.
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    Steering Grind turning to the right FIXED

    Had the TSB 08-137-21 for the grinding vibration in the steering wheel when turning -- Software upgrade for EPS -- and it's fixed!
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    Whistle in rear passenger area

    I've had a whistle in my rear passenger area for a while -- I've had the cab to bed seal replaced as well as the cab vents replaced. I've read on the forums somewhere that there was a bolt missing underneath the seat where you could see the ground. Anyone have a similar issue. It's not the tea...
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    Air suspension hiden features (to me)

    I just found out 2 new features on my '19 Limited by accident. If you lower the truck with the remote while parked, it won't return to aero mode at 15 mph. It seem it would be good for mpg but it rides a little rough of course on the lowest setting. Also, if you approach the truck with the...
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    Engine knocking

    I noticed my Limited Hemi knocking on hard accelerating even when I'm not towing. Anyone else have this issue? Using regular octane fuel as I used in my '14 and '17 sport with no issues.