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  1. -RotorDemon-

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    UCA shot. I did not get a pic from the side.
  2. -RotorDemon-

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I will try to get a shot in the morning. UCA to tire is about 1/3" at 50psi. I have 2" RC leveling kit being installed tomorrow.
  3. -RotorDemon-

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    35x12.50R18's stock suspension. I have a 2" rough country leveling kit coming next week. Had to remove the factory front splash guards and reshape the front of the wheel liners (currently with zip ties to the front air dam holes that was deleted) I will trim the splash guards and heat gun the...
  4. -RotorDemon-

    Device not supported

    Mine just started doing this as well. Only on startup or when I unplug, hop out and leave the truck running while I run into the store real quick. Come back out, plug in and get the same message. USB function under media is not showing up. Phone is a OnePlus 7T Pro. Same phone as when I got the...
  5. -RotorDemon-

    Need more mileage (add aux tank)

    Quick extra 20 gallons. 4 VP Racing 5 gallon jugs. ;)
  6. -RotorDemon-

    Driver Window Issue

    Daily thing with mine. Thought it was the mopar in channel deflectors putting too much drag on the motor causing it to think there is a arm or something it's pinching. Took that off. Same thing. Tried the whole hold switch down and keep holding 5 seconds and up to "re-learn" but that does...
  7. -RotorDemon-

    Pandora Stations: How-to Guide

    I have a Pandora premium account. Is there any way to use my account with the Uconnect in the truck?
  8. -RotorDemon-

    AlfaOBD now has DT options

    Nice! Has an option to disable the active air dam and some sort of fuel saver menu (not the ECO light)
  9. -RotorDemon-

    Trip Computer on my 12" Uconnect Nav system

    Checked mine today after reading this thread. I do not have a trip computer either. Just three windows under the map after hitting the information button. You'd think the 12" would get all the premium features.
  10. -RotorDemon-

    Air Compressor off 400w plug

    Nice. Where did you mount it? Pics?
  11. -RotorDemon-

    2020 EcoDiesel Test, including Towing

    New oil filter for this model. It's close to $100. But hey down from 10.5qts to 8-8.5qts. Haven't seen if the fuel filter has changed.
  12. -RotorDemon-

    Air Compressor off 400w plug

    I've used this one from Horror Freight and it works just fine with the rear seat outlet. I'd like to move it to the bed. However I am trying to get an air suspension compressor from a new RAM. bolt that up in the factory place then run air lines with quick connects to the four wheel wells.
  13. -RotorDemon-

    Rain Sensing Wipers (Not equipped but have the part)

    Got my new windshield installed today. I asked them to replace the sensor in my console with the other when they swap the windshield out. Their response was.. "Uh, ok? you didn't have to buy a new one, we just put your old one on the new windshield." I said, "I understand, however this is a...
  14. -RotorDemon-

    Rain Sensing Wipers (Not equipped but have the part)

    JAC is a sales code that needs to be added to the vehicle. At work I cannot find someone who could add the code to the VIN and apply it to the vehicle since it's "not" an acessory option but I will give it a shot since I got a cracked windshield now and see if they can modify it due to a PNA...
  15. -RotorDemon-

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Sure was. Uplugged used a finger of a nitril glove to stretch over the connector and zip tied it out of the way. IIRC it was 4 nuts for the active air dam and front dam had 10+ but it came right off.
  16. -RotorDemon-

    Front Air Dam Removal

    Removed mine as well. Looks much better and if anything over the last week I have seen a slight improvement in gas mileage and my MDS is kicking on more often.
  17. -RotorDemon-

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Removed the front air dam and active air dam.
  18. -RotorDemon-

    Rain Sensing Wipers (Not equipped but have the part)

    Only thing I have gotten is a "Service rain sensing wipers" pop up on the EVIC and a DTC Showing no response from rain sensor. As I mentioned there are actually now 2 part numbers for the "rain sensor" 68298334AA <- This only shows with sales codes [HAF] [JHC] and 68298468AA <- This is...
  19. -RotorDemon-

    Part number for fasteners?

    Left rear wheel opening spat CLIP,Attaching,White 68499020AA List price $0.45 each. Comes in a pack of 10. Autonation in Roseville, CA shows 34 on hand. Next closest dealer is in Idaho then Montana after that.