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    Rambox opened while driving

    Any of ya'll had a rambox open up while driving? I was driving home from work tonight and the passenger side rambox apparently opened while driving. Luckily no damage, but this leaves me a little concerned. And before any of you ask, I hadn't opened that rambox for a few days and I know it...
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    Horrible resale value? Lost $16k in 30 days.

    So I'm getting ready to refinance (going from 5.99% to 1.99%} and luckily I'm within 90 days of purchase because I'd be out of luck. Msrp on my truck was $65,065 as seen in the first picture. Blue book value is $48,535, $16,530 lost value in less than 30 days later. No I didn't pay MSRP, and I...
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    Here's a new one - key fob not detected

    Key fob not present.... Bwahahaha. It works when I touch the fob to the start button. I know the battery isn't bad because the display would tell me and I already replaced it. It happens about every 3rd or 4th time. 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Rambox, 5.7l 4x4 3.92, Pano Sunroof, level 2 w/ 12"...
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    Fog lights as DRL - TazerDT

    Just curious if anyone has had any success programming their DRL's using the Tazer DT using something other than their low beam or turn signals? Zautomotive shows the fogs as being able to be set as the DRL, but I can't seem to find them. My options only show low beam, turn signal or none...
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    6" ProComp done

    Well here she is. 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Rambox 5.7l 4x4 3.92 Pano Sunroof, level 2 w/ 12", black appearance package, adv. Safety group, Power running boards 6" ProComp Stage 1 lift kit with 35x12.50r20 Nitto Ridge Grappler tires 20x10 - 24 fuel hostage wheels *Future Mods" Tazer DT, Pulsar...
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    Best price for borla catback Exhaust?

    After reading several threads about the Borla exhaust, I have decided to pull the trigger. I'm ok with either the atak or the s-type system. Just wondering if anyone has some leads on some good prices or discounts on the system. Thank you in advance! *waiting for delivery* 2019 Ram 1500...
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    Tapatalk issues

    I've noticed recently that when using Tapatalk, I've received numerous notifications of threads not being valid including my message conversations. Also, there are numerous posts that are all in what I believe to be Chinese characters. This does not happen on other forums I use Tapatalk to...
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    Alpha Obd or Taser DT

    After reading several threads about both these devices, I was just curious to see which one you guys recommend. I'm used to software similar to the AlphaOBD as I have an Audi S6 that I use Vag-Com with a Ross tech cable and my laptop to configure the vehicle. Can you do the same things with...