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    Anyone ACTUALLY running 5w-30 or even 10w-30? Thoughts? Experience? Any REAL TRUTH to throwing a code running higher weight oil (no conjecture please)

    I have worked in auto dealership service dept’s for 35 years , serv advisor/serv manager, both Ford & Dodge, and have never been asked by the manufacturer for an oil sample, or heard of it being done , just maint reciepts, not to say they coudn’t, but never seen it myself. I use PUP 5w30 in both...
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    2021 Rebel 5.7 awd in 2wd mode?

    Don’t know if this makes any difference , but I always shift my Rebel in/out of 4wd with trans in neutral at a slow crawl speed and when going back to 2wd after shift light goes off , back up about 20 feet to make sure system isn’t bound up. Goes back to my old Jeep’s , only way you could do it.
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    Snow plow

    I plow with my Rebel, only my large pavement driveway, SNOWAY built for 1/2 ton trucks and added Timbren kit to protect front suspension.
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    Rebel Leaning ....

    Yes 5th gen, got spacer off EBay,
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    Muffler recommendation

    Look at Solo Performance, I picked the QR300, quiet in the cab, rumble at tailpipe and no interior drone
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    Aftermarket Exhaust - No Drone even in MDS?

    Look at SOLO Performance, I have the QR300 on my Rebel and no drone.
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    2020 Rebel 5.7L Hemi Exhaust Suggestions

    Look at SOLO PERFORMANCE , put the QR300 on my Rebel
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    Installed the QR300 SOLO system on my truck, their quietest version. Only hear it in the cab during medium to hard accell and no drone at all. Very happy.
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    Adding snowplow warranty question

    Replaced left upper control arm for clunk noise under warranty. No issues with plow brought up.
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    Adding snowplow warranty question

    Put a 1/2 ton specific SNOWAY plow on my ‘19 Rebel. Put in a 2” level and front Timbren kit on to help protect front suspension. Only plow my driveway and remove when done. Dealer has had no issues with plow frame on truck during warranty visits. Plowing can be rough on a truck but go as easy as...
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    Plow suggestions for 2021 1500?

    Love the SNOWAY plow on my truck, specifically built for 1/2 ton trucks. Plug and play install, wireless remote , down pressure blade. I only plow my driveway, no commercial , remove the blade after plowing. Installed 2” level and Timbren kit so suspension is not getting beat up. 4wd high and e...
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    Rams in the snow

    Get lots of snow in western NY
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    Any drone ? My 18” Magnaflow droned between 1400-1600 RPM, which was 45-50 mph. I spend a lot of my drive time in that range. The older the muffler got , 2-3 years old, the worse the drone got. I’m looking for one step louder than stock and a quiet interior. Wonder how their QR300 sounds, thx.
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    295/70/R18 - Anyone Running These?

    Dealer cannot change TPMS settings, a very good friend of mine is a master tech at the RAM dealer and tried with the dealer scanner, no luck. I don’t haul anything heavy and wanted a better riding tire than the heavy LT’s. You would need an aftermarket type tuner.
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    Anyone have battery issues?

    Battery failed on my ‘19 Rebel at 2 years and 20,000mi, covered under warranty, but a little early to fail in my book.
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    295/70/R18 - Anyone Running These?

    My tires are the Nitto G2’s, they are the LT’s, wish I could run a P metric tire but the Rebel comes with LT’s stock and a P metric tire would set off the TPMS system under 46 psi.
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    295/70/R18 - Anyone Running These?

    Running that size on my Rebel with 2” level
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    Remote Mount Oil Filter

    Here is my remote oil filter install. I bought the Derale kit #15725, went to my local hydraulic hose shop and had high temp, steel braided hoses made with matching fittings and then upgraded the o-rings to Viton. Also, made my own filter bracket. The filter is a little salty from our winter...
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    Western Plow Mount for 2019 5th Gen Ram 1500 (New Body Style With Splayed Frame Rails

    My electrical power for plow comes out of tow hook hole and my light plugs come out under skid plate. Easy to hide when not using the plow, just push the power plug back into tow hook hole and hide light plugs up inside license plate frame from behind, don’t see them at all when not using plow.