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  1. DeanE10

    Wireless Cell Phone Charger Install

    I know this thread is a little older however... This is the link to the installation instructions directly from the Mopar site. I was looking for these too
  2. DeanE10

    How did you level your front end? Need suggestions.

    Here is another alternative.. Not sure what your budget is, but if your worries for the angle change in 2.5" I think you might have answered your own question?
  3. DeanE10

    How did you level your front end? Need suggestions.

    There is another thread here as well:
  4. DeanE10

    How did you level your front end? Need suggestions.

    I used the MotoFab lift. I posted it over here. Just note that I still have not changed the UCA's and have 5460 miles on it. I am not easy on my truck and have had it inspected two times since the alignment to include another one this past Friday. (9/20/2019) - All has been just fine so far...
  5. DeanE10

    Power Steering Failure! Super Dangerous

    9/17 - Light came on "Service Power Steering!" but no fault or steering issues. I took it to the dealer immediately and found this post shortly after dropping it off. According to the notes, they scraped the ground lugs and tightened everything and the light went off. Not sure if the ground is...
  6. DeanE10

    Procomp kit installed!

    You're right, The driveway was throwing it off a bit. This is exactly the stance I am looking for. Very nice indeed!
  7. DeanE10

    Looking for best price, ( model number/brand ) sidestep running boards

    I know this is not what you have pictured, but I bought these and installed in less than 30 minutes. Super solid, definitely not cheaply made. Looks amazing on my Rebel...
  8. DeanE10


    I have not noticed a difference in daily driving. Before I had it aligned, I drove almost 130 miles around town and down the highway. No choice, had to work while waiting for a spot to open. I did put it in 4WD to cross over the highway twice due to stopped traffic, was not slow or gentle...
  9. DeanE10

    Procomp kit installed!

    This looks fantastic! A little high in the front for my preferences but looks good man.
  10. DeanE10


    Just an FYI - I went today to Firestone and they told me they will no longer support suspension modifications with the lifetime alignment. Only stock and leveling kits will be supported. I checked with the 3 that are local to me.
  11. DeanE10


    Thanks to the OP (Doowork707) for being the guinea pig, and the rest for the great information. I just installed the MotoFab 2.5" on my 2019 Rebel and all is perfectly fine with the ride. I have not replaced the UCA's yet as I wanted to check it out first. I will be moving onto a 4" or 5" lift...