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  1. Mountain Eden


    I paid $300. But it just depends where you go.
  2. Mountain Eden


    You can’t go wrong with deleting resonators.
  3. Mountain Eden


    Both rear resonators (dual piped) not the front catalytic converters
  4. Mountain Eden


    I got the Flowmaster Super 10 with resonator delete. Trust me, it is 100% worth it. I paid $300 for all of it done. That's tax, parts and labor. It's better than paying 1k+ just for the cat back from Borla.
  5. Mountain Eden

    Wheel spacers and tires so far.

    Dude, that's looking dope. I like the stock rims, bigger tires look. Not too many people do that. They all get new rims. Only a handful of people actually stick to OEM rims, I dig it. The leveling kit did a big difference.
  6. Mountain Eden

    2020 RAM 1500 LoneStar SteelCraft Bumper

    Bought this bumper/grill guard all in one the other day. It's a SteelCraft Elevation. I haven't seen too many pictures of RAM 1500's with it besides maybe like 2-3 of them. I still have to do a leveling kit on it because it is heavy and it even brought the front down more than factory. So I'm...
  7. Mountain Eden

    You can find those on Amazon. Just look up "Ram 1500 Grill Lights"

    You can find those on Amazon. Just look up "Ram 1500 Grill Lights"
  8. Mountain Eden

    Laramie Sport Off-Road Pkg w/ 2” Level

    I don’t know guys. Seems like you’re pushing the stock suspension stuff to its limit adding it up to 3’. I think I’ll just stick to not leveling it.