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  1. J

    Anyone convert a 3.21 to 3.92?

    If you have any thoughts of towing heavy or lifting and going with a 34"+ tire without a doubt 3.92's. Take off will be much better and crusing will be a lot better not as much shifting. Otherwise if you are going to keep it stock and only tow once In A while 3.21's will be fine, most guys go...
  2. J

    Ram G/T Package Equipped Trucks Are Arriving On Dealer Lots!

    You live near forest Lake? I worked at the chevy dealership next door a while back. The only thing I did like about that dealer is the lifetime powertrain warranty. Figured I ask seeing that is the FL mn ram dealer. Nice truck love the white, hoping to buy one myself soon.
  3. J

    Any suggestions on a cordless impact wrench?

    Milwaukee 1/2", was a tech, worked on cars for 8 years before I got smart and got out of it lol, had all electric milwaukee and many techs swear by milwukee, they easily outdid snap on. Performance wise and price wise. Dewalt is ok, used to have one but the milwaukee blows the others out of the...
  4. J

    Best ram/dodge dealership in MN?

    Thanks everyone so far for the replies, it's helped out with some to definitely look at and some to probably avoid. It sounds like Fury definitely is one of the first ones to look at. I'm not looking at buying brand new. So I have to browse around a bit to find one close that has the options I...
  5. J

    Best ram/dodge dealership in MN?

    I have heard good things about luther and they are a plenty, I was a mechanic for 8 years and went to school for it, luther was definitely the dealership to work for, and actually The wife bought her Honda Crv from the Honda dealer that way, really great people from my experiance. Thanks for...
  6. J

    Best ram/dodge dealership in MN?

    I'll have to keep my out on them too, there have been many great suggestions now, so Now it's just a matter of Me looking into each of them more, and most of all if they have the Model I want. Thanks for your response I appreciate it!
  7. J

    Best ram/dodge dealership in MN?

    I live in Cambridge, NW of the cities
  8. J

    Best ram/dodge dealership in MN?

    I looked at Jeff belzers They do have some pretty good prices, compared to other dealers. I am not afraid to travel a little ways if it means getting better service and a pretty good deal. I'll have to check them out! Thanks for the reply I greatly appreciate it!
  9. J

    Best ram/dodge dealership in MN?

    I kinda figured that, most are a hit or miss whether it be service or sales, thank you for the advice I appreciate you replying! I just figured if anyone had a dealership they would want to recommend it I would definitely look into them
  10. J

    Best ram/dodge dealership in MN?

    Hi guys new here, hopefully this is the right place to post this. I was looking at purchasing a ram 1500 soon. I was just wondering if any members here have any dodge/ram dealerships they know of in MN, such as twin cities area or NW MN that they recommend? I have heard mixed things about some...