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  1. 75Jimmy

    Lets See Some Rebels with 6112/5160 8th clip on 35s

    This one is for the Rebels owners out there - I just ordered 6112s/5160s, Icon DJ UCAs, and motofab spacers (0.5" front, and 1" rear.), Icon Rebound 18x9 wheels and 35x12.5x18 BFG KO2s. I'd love to see some pics of Rebels with the 6112/5160 setup on setting 8. Also, would love to hear your...
  2. 75Jimmy

    Undercover Ultra Flex fitment w/ factory drop-in bedliner?

    Was curious if anybody has the OEM drop-in bedliner and the Undercover Ultra Flex tonneau. Does everything fit okay? Tailgate open/close properly? Thanks!
  3. 75Jimmy

    Flowmaster FlowFX Full Catback System

    hey guys, long story short I recently did an exhaust shop exhaust system comprised of a Flowmaster 40 series and resonator delete. It was okay. But weirdly it felt like it slowed down my truck a bit and the shop did a crap job with some of the ugliest welds I’ve ever seen! So, chopped that all...
  4. 75Jimmy

    JL Audio Rolling Out a Stealthbox for 5th Gen Ram 1500s!

    For all you guys looking to upgrade the bass in your trucks, JL Audio just rolled out a Stealthbox for 5th Gen Ram 1500s. We can probably ignore that they still refer to the 1500 as a Dodge...