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  1. judsonlimited

    eBay remote start installed!

    So my lone star did not come with remote start which was a bummer. All of my prior vehicles have had it so i thought i could get by without it. Turns out i couldn't. I got sick of not being able to remote start my truck and hear the rumble of the exhaust. So i did some research and found an ebay...
  2. judsonlimited

    305/65r18 on Rebel 18" Wheel

    Has anyone put a 305/65r18 on a stock rebel wheel? Will it rub the control arm or can it even be mounted? I have a set of rebel wheels and a line on a set of this sized tires so i want to know if its possible. Truck will be getting a 2" level kit + mopar ucas.
  3. judsonlimited

    Rear sliding window leaking

    Truck is now at the dealer for the sliding rear window track frame cracked and leaking water. I've seen a lot of posts like this on the facebook page, people talking about class action lawsuits about it. I mean it leaks yeah and at 5700 miles it needs to be covered. Some people's are cracking at...
  4. judsonlimited

    WTB Quad cab steps (SE Texas)

    Looking for a set of steps for my 4th gen quad cab. Would prefer wheel to wheel if possible. Preferably around the houston area, will drive to meet.
  5. judsonlimited

    Tyger T3 Tri-fold tonneau cover (Amazon)

    Thought I’d share my experience with the Tyger T3 tonneau cover currently available on amazon. I’ve had the truck for 8 weeks now and had the cover for 6 of those weeks. I live in Houston so the weather changes at the snap of a finger and this cover has seen a lot of rain. I must say I am very...
  6. judsonlimited

    Carven R Muffler w/stock resonators?

    Does anyone have this setup? Not the competitor series you can buy from carven, i'm talking about the muffler swap only. I don't want it too loud i just want to be able hear a nice sweet hemi not when i step on it. My girlfriend has a 4th gen and i did a Borla XR-1 custom cat-back at a shop here...
  7. judsonlimited

    Audio/Upgrade Questions

    A few questions about my new ram. I have the basic six (or 7?) speaker audio system on my lonestar. The salesman said there was a speaker in the center of the dash? But i read other places there is not.. what gives? If there is not, can i add a speaker there plug and play? Also, with regards...
  8. judsonlimited

    New guy from Houston

    Whats up guys, I just bought my first Ram, although not my first mopar. 2019 Ram 1500 Lonestar Sport. I traded my 2015 Silverado after I just couldn't bear to drive it and get 13 mpg. Looking forward to seeing what all i can do to this truck.