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  1. truckless

    Order Tracking

    I have been waiting 4 months now just for a VIN. You don't wanna know my thoughts ;)
  2. truckless

    Sun/Cab Visor - a thing of the past?

    I remember a buddy a visor on his old Dakota...he hit a bird and didn't think anything of it. Until days later had maggots on his windshield. Bird got wedged up there REAL good :ROFLMAO:
  3. truckless

    Anyone else annoyed by the "side pockets" on the center console? Ideas for them?

    ROFL....after our baby and we had baby wipes everywhere....just had to try them. I am a believer 😁
  4. truckless

    Good-bye, my Ram is sold, new toy in the driveway.

    If they would stop using all the chips in the vaccines we would all have our ****ing trucks by now. /s
  5. truckless

    $700 clear coat

    My wife's Jeep has a factory film. That said, I am curious what warranty the film has cause it is ****! The day we picked it up edges were lifted and dirt underneath. I brought it up but they said "U you can just peel back to where it is clean and trim"....uh no! I don't want the lines...
  6. truckless

    Ram and their websites

    At least you are presented a facade of "caring". RAM Canada might as well just have a banner on their site saying WDGAF.
  7. truckless

    $700 clear coat

    Around here you are not getting a top brand of ceramic coat applied for 700 and having money left over for anything... In fact you are maybe only half way to clearing your bill.
  8. truckless

    Ram GT Super Performance Hood

    But your fuel economy is totally fake.
  9. truckless

    Start of 2022 Production.

    Who me? I am not bitching about not having a truck. I am not that delusional. I just want a ****ing VIN.
  10. truckless

    Start of 2022 Production.

    Since you have a vin after a few days... And holy ****... D1 after 5 too... it sure as hell ain't my heroine cause all I feel is pain.
  11. truckless

    Start of 2022 Production.

    I just placed a second order myself. Took one for a test drive and actually kinda like the etorque...never actually felt a truck shift so smooth. So I had a second order placed identical but with etorque....dealer principle said "in all honesty, that one might actually get built first"...
  12. truckless

    Start of 2022 Production.

    clusterfuckfuckityfuckfuckfuck ;)
  13. truckless

    TRX in a single stall garage?

    I hear ya. My father in law always teases me about how I baby my trucks and "don't even treat it like a truck" so I remind him he built a $150,000 trailer queen of a show car he doesn't even drive....to which he coughs and sputters LOL
  14. truckless

    Order Tracking

    I still can't believe I sold my 2019 3500 Limited Mega (with HO and AISIN) for more than I paid (including interest). Just made cents ;) Fortunately, my wife and I were on the same page in regards to camping no longer being as fun as it used to be, more frustrating since you gotta book a site...
  15. truckless

    Why is the crew cab with the 6.4 bed not a popular option?

    Hmmm.....want or need....Boolean logic applies in my decision making here: 1 or 0 = 1 Thus it really doesn't matter what I want or need.....I am getting a truck. Logic dictates it ;)
  16. truckless

    Start of 2022 Production.

    Well...finally made a call. "Customer Care" called the dealer principle who is calling the Ram area manager (or whatever). Will be interesting to hear what has to be said.
  17. truckless

    Start of 2022 Production.

    Should submit that to some biggie wig at Stellantis and say "I have all this evidence of "whatever the **** this is" and I'll shut up about it if you just give me one" ;)
  18. truckless

    2022 Laramie G/T or Limited Night Edition (Which build would you go with?)

    I was tempted to go the Laramie route. Then I thought about it and the only thing I would want from the GT is the paddles. Exhaust, CAI can be had after the fact. The fake stick... Is just a cosmetic thing that takes away the functionality of the console. The factoring in the last 4 of my...