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  1. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    Cheapest place 4 oe painted fender flares Canada?

    Hey guys I'm looking for oe or oem painted fender flares for my 2020 ram sport. I'm in Canada where everything is overpriced, where is the cheapest and best place to buy the oe or oem style painted fender flares?
  2. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    New Youtube reviews?

    Hey guys, as you may or may not know, I have a small youtube channel. I keep uploading and I'm wondering if I still should....if anyone on here watches or enjoys my videos? I just uploaded two new ones....check them out if you get a chance and let me know what you think please. MY RAM MY RAM...
  3. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey, I've seen alot of posts about how the American rams can drive with just the drl surround lights on....I tried to find something about this on Canadian models....has anyone figured this out?
  4. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    AT's on the oem 22inch rims?

    Hey, I have the Canadian 2020 ram 1500 sport. Has anyone put all terrains on the 22inchers that come on them? What tire and size do you recommend?
  5. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey guys and gals, I have a YouTube channel featuring my 2020 ram 1500 sport and performance parts, if possible I'd love 💘 for people to watch my videos and subscribe please. The support would be great as I try to get this channel off the ground as it's my passion check me out on Instagram...
  6. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey guys, I know the ram has issues with water leaks....unfortunately I haven't been able to find any wet carpets, headliner and from what I can see the four drains (two in behind the cab, two at the front doors) seem find....but my truck with 3000kms stinks when left parked until I turn it on...
  7. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey guys, I've been looking at wheels and tires for months for my 2020 ram 1500 sport crew cab. I'm struggling, I'm new at trucks, all terrain tires and off road wheels are confusing as I've always gone with street tires street rims for my cars. Here's my deal: 1) I don't want a agressive...
  8. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone thing to "dress up" my black boring speaker grilles, specifically the two on the headliner in the rear. I don't know if you can buy the harman karden speaker grilles but I'd love to, if not is their nothing available that just has a silver line around it to make...
  9. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    Aftermarket third brake light

    Has anyone replaced their 3rd brake light with a aftermarket unit without any issues...leaking....poor reliability etc? Let me know please thanks
  10. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    Aftermarket third brake light?

    Hey has anyone purchased and had long term good reliability with a cargo third brake light? I'm on the fence about these due to the leaking problems with the oem one. The reason I want a new one is because the oem one is ugly and not led. I've tried switching the bulbs to led which just caused...
  11. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey guys and gals. I finally got my solo performance direct fit muffler for my 2020 ram 1500. Since I'm better with words and voice (somewhat) I made a video about it lol...check it and my other videos out below.
  12. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    Hood decal? Mod?

    Hey guys I have a white 2020 ram sport Since I have the "performance hood" with the black hood vents, im wondering if anyone has done a decal or spending to the middle "hood buldge" other than stripes?
  13. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey guys, just incase I want to lol....how do I save gas? This truck has no modes like eco mode... yes it has the eco light that tells you that you are in 4 cylinder mode...but it barely ever comes in lol...any advice?
  14. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey guys, im new to the truck world....im looking to get a rim and tire setup (reasonably priced) and nothing aggressive (similar to the picture below)....these are my musts -All terrain tire that is good all year round (in the snow as im in Ontario canada) but is also quiet! -20 inch but must...
  15. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    Truck stinks

    I have a brand new 2020 ram 1500 sport with 2000kms and it stinks inside I have pressured washed the husky liners, dried them, put a odor bomb in the truck with the ac on and still stinks only when the truck is parked (not driving) is this a thing with rams?
  16. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    Rear tail gate decal/ applique

    Has anyone done or seen a rear tail gate decal/ applique similar to the raptor?
  17. YoutubeRealTimeReviews

    Start/stop button decals?

    Hey guys, im having so much trouble finding cool little custom parts for my 2020 ram 1500. Im looking for a start stop button overlay ring and circle sticker to make that ugliness look better....anyone have one? Know where to get one?
  18. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Ready to pull the trigger on either the flowmaster flow fx or outlaw DIRECT FIT MUFFLER (NOT CAT OR AXLE BACK) for my 5th gen....im worried that the outlaw may be too loud or drone? Whis got either and whag are your suggestions
  19. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey guys I have a 2020 ram 1500 sport new body (not rebel) I'm new to this site. Do the OEM 2019-2020 ram rebel all terrain tires and rims fit the regular new body 2019-2020 ram 1500?
  20. YoutubeRealTimeReviews


    Hey Guys and gals! Just did my first "mod" on my 2020 ram 1500 sport (new body) check it out if your bored or interested or both....lol 😆 😜 😀 let me know if I should post my new videos here and if i should keep making these videos? As always plz subscribe, like, share! 🤙🤙🤙