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    Motohorn air horns????

    Just seen a Ad for the Motohorn airhorns and was wondering if anyone on this Forum has installed them?
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    MoriMoto Puddle Lights

    has anyone installed these in the mirrors yet?
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    Transfer case being replaced at 22,000 Miles ?????

    Had trouble with my 4 wheel drive not working would not go into Auto,High or Low plus got service 4wheel drive light also. Took it into the Dealer and they are replacing the Entire Transfer Case which is great but now I wonder why at such low mileage and having only used 4wheel 2 times once in a...
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    Rear Inner Wheel Wells

    Has anyone removed the inner wheel well covers and applied anything for extra rust protection along the lip where Dodge and a few others are notorious for rusting. I was looking for suggestions right now thinking of using a bed liner type of spray.
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    GTE Stage 1 Chip

    Has anyone tried the GTE stage 1 Chip that plugs into your OBD II port?
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    ZroadZ Lights

    Has anyone tried the ZroadZ Backup Lights yet?
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    Rough Country Grill Lights and Hidden bumper Light

    Gentlemen: Just wanted to post some pics of my Rough Country Grill Lights and Hidden Bumper Light Install. I did the light install but took it to my Local Shop to do the wiring, mostly because I could not find switches that I liked and thought would look good in the dash. I am more then happy...
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    Rough Country Grille Lights and Bumper Light

    I was wondering if anyone has done the install on either one of these Rough Country Kits. My local dealer wants $1,650 for both. just seems a little steep and wondering if it was worth it>
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    Sway Bar Links

    Had My 2019 Laramie at the dealer this morning for a popping/rattling noise coming from the front end after a test drive with the service guy they are going to replace the left side sway bar link but the problem is they are on back order until June. I felt like I got great service from my dealer...
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    Automatic screen brightness question

    Does anyone else not like the fact that even during daylight hours if it is a rainy cloudy day the Automatic Brightness changes to Night mode. I feel it should also be tied into the clock time. any suggestions?????
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    Peragon Bed Cover

    Has anyone installed the Peragon bed cover yet? Would like some thoughts. Looking at the Lomax and the Peragon trying to decide