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  1. brawler1588

    Condensation On The Inside?

    I keep getting condensation on the inside of my window yes the weather is getting colder here in NY but I thought this only happens if the inside is wet out there is moisture. Does that mean there is moisture somewhere im not seeing?
  2. brawler1588

    Looking For A Plug & Play Upgraded Horn

    Well it's been a while since I have done stuff to the truck but today while driving on a side road another car came on my side of the road and with 2 kids in the car pounded on the horn but looking for something that is plug and play and is bad a$$. Thanks for helping and hope everyone is...
  3. brawler1588

    Need Help What Color?

    So I am going to get my front bumper and rear bumper wrapped to get the chrome gone, I plasti dipped the badged and the door handles and got black wheel skins for my stock rims. Should I go with a matte/flat black, a bit of a shine, or try and color match with the body a little, I have the black...
  4. brawler1588

    Hood Lights Installed

    Always wanted hood/ditch lights now that I have a truck I actually like I did them. They are all wired up just need to adjust them later tonight. The brackets are from zroadz and I went with the baja designs squadron pro's with the driving combo beam. Let me know what you guys think. Sent from...
  5. brawler1588

    Did Someone Say Baja

    I just got my set of baja s2 sports in for my backup light idea. So I went to home depot and got flat bar with holes in 14ga steel and cut to 4 holes. Than I took off the bottom tow hitch nut on both sides and just enlarged the top mounting hole slightly. Lined it up and tightened it down than I...
  6. brawler1588

    Led Upgrades

    I recently got a 19 bighorn and was fitted with all halogen lights, headlights, fogs, all interior lights cargo lights. I came from the tacoma world so found 2 good sources with great quality and light output. For the low beams I did the xenon depot h11 pro led kit I like these for a few reasons...
  7. brawler1588

    Dual Fog Kit

    Hey everyone just wanted to share my latest addition. Just got the truck but already getting the mods going. I have been using a company that I followed from the Tacoma world and their products have be great so I have been adding them to my ram, the one I was looking forward to was the dual fog...
  8. brawler1588

    Behind Grill Light Bar Question

    So I see right now the main bar is the rough country one I called and I can order just the mounts for $40 which I would prefer since I cam get a better quality bar. My question is do I go that route or do a just get a license plate kit and add a 10" quality bar on it, or last I don't have the...
  9. brawler1588

    Favor From Fellow 5th Gen's

    Picked up my truck last Saturday and traded in my Tacoma could not be happier, if I get 100 likes we get a prize hoping something mopar related I can add to the truck. If anyone gets a chance can you visit it and like it. Thank you all and can't wait to start adding stuff to the truck...
  10. brawler1588

    RC Light Bar Swap?

    Has anyone used the rough country 20" lightbar mount and use a different bar. I have read the bar from rough country isn't the brightest and I would like to have the option to put the bar I want. I spoke with RC chat and they said no other bars can fit but I highly doubt that. Thank you Sent...