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    Interior overhead map lights and tailgate release no longer work on overhead console

    Had same problem with 2019 Laramie one month into ownership. Turns out that the drain on sunroof had been twisted and instead of water draining out of it, it was draining down inside of B pillar and got to wiring just inside the door and caused wire connection to rust. No interior upper console...
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    Continental Terrain Contact A/T

    Thanks. Had thought about stepping up but no luck with Continental and wanted that brand.
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    Continental Terrain Contact A/T

    Have had a set on for about 500 miles. Only got 30,000 out of original Goodyears. What a difference! Though gas mileage has suffered a little. Owe some of that to not running “slicks” anymore.
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    Update navigation

    I have updated navigation on my Jeep a couple of times using USB stick and downloading from website. After you finish download, insert in USB drive in Ram, turn truck on and sit and wait a few minutes it will eventually tell you to confirm update and you push yes. It will then give you...
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    Interior Lights not working

    I had this exact same problem. Took truck to dealer under warranty and they discovered that the sunroof drain had a kink in it not allowing water to drain so the water drained down the inside of B pillar and caused wire connections to corrode that control that module. They replaced the bad...
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    Mopar’s “Ram Airflow” Cold-Air Intake System For Ram 1500:

    Disconnect negative terminal right off the bat. When you are finished and reconnect terminal, don’t panic when radio display and a few lights aren’t “right” when you first start truck. They will reset after a few hours and be fine. Work in an area with plenty of light-just in case a few of the...
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    Foot Pedal Upgrade

    Do you have adjustable pedals? Just want to Make sure they will work on them before I order a set.
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    Ceramic Window Tint question

    What they said. No issues at all.
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    Mopar’s “Ram Airflow” Cold-Air Intake System For Ram 1500:

    Mine looked the same way. Took a table knife and put it under edge and lifted it slightly. Pulled cowl towards front and it slid right in flush. Seems to be a warping issue with front section.
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    Max USB thumb drive size??

    I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee with 8.4 system. Advised by FCA to use 32 gig max for optimum performance.
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    Mopar Slush mats

    I too am quite impressed with Mopar mats. Much better than Weathertech in my opinion. But have Weathertech in an older Jeep Grand Cherokee that at the time I bought them were the best alternative. FCA has improved their interior protection a lot.