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    Will TRX wheels fir a Limited with Air Suspension

    Are the TRX wheels roughly the same dimensions as regular Ram 1500 wheels? Thinking about buying a set of TRX takeoffs. Thanks.
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    Mounting platform for top of dash

    Posting this for anyone who'd like to mount something on top of the dash. Installed the Goat Mount in my 2020. Had and have these in our 4th gen truck and it's a high quality piece. Use it to mount suction cup phone holder in 4th gen to run navigation. Plan to run radar detector on it in our...
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    Seat ventilation - seatback not working

    I love the seat ventilation right now, but I don't think the seatback ventilation is working on the driver's side. Has anyone done any repairs to the ventilation? Is this something I could tackle myself instead of having some monkey at the dealership rip into it?
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    Sometimes I question my decision to splurge on a ceramic coat, but then I wash my truck...

    Took me three hours, but finally got her cleaned up (after weeks of rain). The ceramic coat really adds to her looks (when she's clean).
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    Everything you always wanted to know (and then some) about the ZF 8-speed

    The video covers the 8HP70, while the 5th gen uses the 8HP75, but internals should be very similar as far as I know.
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    The original Goodyear tires on my Limited lasted less than 15,000 miles

    Like the title says. I am a pretty sedate driver, don't stress the tires at all. Keep them at the required pressure (or a little higher). Nothing that should make tires wear that fast. I do live in a hilly area with many twisty roads, so that could have caused more wear. Still, I usually...
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    Ram is trying to make me kill my Transfer Case

    We own both a 2014 Ram, and a 2020 Ram. Both are 4WD. I drive both vehicles, but mostly the 2020. In its infinite wisdom, Ram has decided to change the layout of the selector buttons for the 4WD system. Since I like to engage 4WD Auto whenever the weather turns nasty during my drive and...
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    2020 EcoDiesel Test, including Towing

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    2020 1500 Limited in Black

    Love it so far. Has most of the options, except the sunroof since I need the headroom. lack