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    Light Bar Bumper Mount

    68334531AD - is for vehicles with parking sensors. Is there a part # that is see through but without parking sensors? Are there blanks I can buy somewhere?
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    Just installed trx style grill on my 2021 ram 1500 big horn

    Couple weeks later. How's the quality? Still like it? It looks good on black. I have a delmonico red big horn. Not sure how it would look.
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    OEM painted front bumper fitment

    Has anyone had any problems with fitment on the OEM front bumper replacements? I started dechroming, so I decided to go with the front bumper first. I bought a Oem bumper from a RAM dealership. Brought it to get painted and paid the painter to install as well. The passenger side fog light...
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    Just installed trx style grill on my 2021 ram 1500 big horn

    I can see what your saying. It’s slightly a different shade of black but it’s unnoticeable unless you know what to look at.
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    Big Horn Chrome grill trim

    Thanks. Much appreciated
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    TRX Grill on Laramie

    I see rebel in the list on eBay but I thought the rebel had a different grill shape. You pointed out the flaws but it looks great aside from the flaws. You have the textured upper grill piece, in the pictures it looks like a good match. Is it as good in person? The shade of black. Thanks
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    Just installed trx style grill on my 2021 ram 1500 big horn

    Appreciate the picture. Aside from knowing if the color will match up, it’s good to see it on a big horn. It looks good.
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    Just installed trx style grill on my 2021 ram 1500 big horn

    I like it on your black truck. Would you say the black of the grill trim is anywhere near the textured black on a rebel grill? I was going to buy this and the textured upper grill piece as part of a chrome delete but it looks a little dark for that piece.
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    TRX Grill on Laramie

    Any feedback yet?
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    Big Horn Chrome grill trim

    Does anyone know if the big horn chrome grill trim and upper trim are actually chrome or painted chrome color? I've seen people say they painted them which would make me think they are painted chrome. Sorry if this has already been discussed. Common words aren't easily searchable.
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    TRX Grill on Laramie

    Did you end up installing it? What do you think?
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    Apple Play - Where Did You Go?

    Are you saying you don’t see it in the lower bar or in apps at all. If you click apps button you should be able to drag it back down to the lower bar.
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    Converting Premium Cloth to Leather

    3 hours doesn’t seem too bad at all. I would assume the back seat should be easier. Looks great.
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    Microautopartsinc eBay painted parts

    Has anyone used microautopartsinc on eBay for pre painted parts? They list OE (aftermarket) front bumpers pre painted with mopar paint codes. Seems easier than dealing with painting. Any feedback on them pre painted or not?
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    Rocky Ridge fender flares

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    Rocky Ridge fender flares

    Does anyone know what fender flares these are? I’m under the assumption that Rocky Ridge pulls other venders parts together, is that right? I don’t think they sell just parts.
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    side mirror removal to replace mirror cap

    What part would the heating be coming from? I was able to replace these this weekend. I cracked the passenger side not using heat and suction cup.the drivers side I heated up a little too much I think. The glass started to separate in the bottom corner but I was able to take a screw driver to...