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    Is a Copy of the 2022 Order Guide Online?

    Dealers have it because they can order. Usually, a PDF makes its way online. Is one available? I also could use Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee L order guides.
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    Ford F-150 Offers On-Board Scales????

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    Car and Driver: Diesel Half-Ton Tug of War: Chevy vs. Ford vs. Ram

    Needless to say, the Ram 1500 won. They got the best mileage with the Ram, but it could have been the worst and the Ram would have still won. No matter what little feature is better somewhere else, the Ram with its coil-spring rear suspension or air suspension, luxury car interior, and many...
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    New Towing Stickers Are Coming

    From the 2021 Tahoe/Suburban press release from today: It will be interesting to see if they are willing to say what was an 8300 lb trailer rating is really 5000 lb or less if payload limits are adhered to. Or will they change the 10% rule or adjust the GVWR closer to the sum of the front/rear...
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    An Informative Video on Soft vs. Steel Shackles for Recovery

    Again...from Australia. He covers lots of issues on hooking up, towing, using trees, and using winches. I thought it was interesting. For reference, Matt's Towing uses recovery ropes from these folks: https://yankum.com/kinetic-recovery-ropes/jeeps-suvs-pickups/
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    Do You Left-Foot Brake Off-Road?

    I ran into this video which seems to indicate it has as much of an advantage off-road as it has on the racetrack.
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    Another interesting Ram 2500 Overlander

    I believe this one has 40x15.50-20 tires
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    Does anyone here watch Matt's Towing on YouTube?

    This is a sample video:
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    An Off-Road Ram 2500 from Australia

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    Why the 4-Corner Air Suspension is a Big Deal

    This is a link to Kelderman, which builds 4-corner air suspensions for trucks that don't have them. That includes adding a 4-link rear suspension like the Ram 1500s. It can cost $10+k to modify an F-250. It is a $1500 OE option on the Ram 1500 and only on the Ram 1500. https://kelderman.com/
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    Different Truck Sizes, GVWR, and Payload: Two Interesting Articles

    One gives an interesting historical perspective. The other talks more about 3/4-ton vs 1-ton, which is really just a rating difference to be under Class 2b 10k lb limit for classification. The biggest exception to that rule is the Ram 2500's 4-link rear suspension...
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    Has Anyone Tried the Tucson Electronic Sway Control?

    This device mounts on the trailer monitors yaw rate, and selectively applies the trailer brakes. I had found a similar (but less sophisticated) device sold in Australia, and some one pointed me to this. Activation of the trailer brakes is the easiest way to control sway. The 4-bar linkage...
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    Tongue Weight in the UK: 5%-to-7%

    The paper: An experimental investigation of car-trailer high-speed stability This is from the University of Bath. It is on point but didn't test with a WDH. They looked at tongue weight (they call it nose mass), trailer mass, moment of inertia, tire pressure and axle position. These are the...
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    Drawings that explain how a WD hitch works

    These aren't mine. I was looking for something like them to answer a post on another forum. But they are an excellent description. In it, a 3025# trailer starts with 450# tongue weight. After the WD hitch installed, the load on the ball increases to 1039#, but the net weight on the tow vehicle...
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    Receiver Rating and Tongue Weight

    An interesting note: while some sites recommend a 10%-15% tongue weight, the receiver mounted on the truck usually has a MAX tongue weight that is 10% of its MAX trailer weight. That is, it appears at maximum loads the receiver is designed for a MAXIMUM tongue eight of 10%. There are a few...
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    Has Anyone Tried the Weigh Safe Hitch Ball?

    This is a tow ball with a builtin scale: https://www.weigh-safe.com/product/universal-tow-ball/
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    What Is the Basis of the Recommended Tongue Weight Percentages?

    I'm not a trusting soul. I found what I believed to be computational errors in all the online towing calculators i found. Errors that could be proven by just looking at actual CAT scale weights. So I did my own calculations...something a sophomore in mechanical engineering should have no problem...
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    2020 Ram 1500 Press Kit: Have Fun

    Spoiler Alert: Not much has changed. https://media.fcanorthamerica.com/newsrelease.do?id=21130&mid=69
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    Land Rover offers 'transparent hood' in US for 2020. Where is FCA?

    Land Rover showed the transparent hood in 2014: It has been available in other markets since 2018 as 'ClearSight Ground View' using the center console display rather than the heads-up display in the video. Some videos also show its advantage in maneuvering in some narrow areas more suited to...