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    Is Off-road package the way to go?

    The traction control which I believe also uses the brakes should function in most situations. There are numerous Wrangler videos showing it doing the job when you would expect to have locked diffs in use. The TRX has an open front diff relying on the traction control. The e-lock which has no...
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    Is Off-road package the way to go?

    This is the RAM OE Wildpeak: https://www.falkentire.com/oe-tires/wildpeak/t3wa This the A/T3W: https://www.falkentire.com/tires/light-truck-suv-cuv-tires/wildpeaka/t3w-tire Not the same tire.
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    Is Off-road package the way to go?

    I agree with everything but would add two points, both on tires. First, the OEM Wildpeak on the Ram is not the same as the AT3W aftermarket Wildpeak which has gotten great reviews. I don't know how different since I haven't seen any back-to-back reviews. On cars, the Michelin PS4, standard on...
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    What is Really the Right Way To Determine Max Payload and Towing Weight?

    There are two things that are different: stiffness and strength. Current frames are made of advanced steels that have pretty high yield points and they are hydroformed which allows shapes, FEA designed, that can be pretty stiff with less weight. Think of the stiffness a bead adds to a flat metal...
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    Trailer sway with air ride

    Using the Andersen WD Hitch with stability control. This is from the Airstream AirForum, posted in 2019.
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    Is a Copy of the 2022 Order Guide Online?

    Dealers have it because they can order. Usually, a PDF makes its way online. Is one available? I also could use Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee L order guides.
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    Ford F-150 Offers On-Board Scales????

    Question: Does the OBD II report the pressure in each of the air springs when that feature is ordered? If so, it should be able to calculate individual wheel loads. That is even more useful, because it would tell if you need to reposition the load to balance the truck front-to-back or...
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    Ford F-150 Offers On-Board Scales????

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    Official 5th Gen RAM Beach/Sand Driving Thread

    I have an older digital from Currie that isn't available anymore TTBOMK. They are all pretty similar, I like a digital gauge. These are two: https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/BK_MTTD0002 https://www.amazon.com/AZUNO-Digital-Deflator-Optimized-Accessories/dp/B08DXDCZ7X/
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    What do you think about the new F150?

    More importantly, the difference in engines isn't really meaningful. Especially when the truck is new. Ten years from now the non-turbo pushrod V8 should be much less expensive to maintain than the twin turbo DOHC 4-valve DI V6. The Hemi may get DI in 2021 or 2022. But with new Silverados and...
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    What do you think about the new F150?

    I was shocked it was so lame. A bunch of add on features, some only not the high-end models. While having a generator in the truck is nice, I doubt the price will also make it attractive. In 5 years, how easy will it be to replace it? But no air springs. No rear coil spring suspension (there...
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    2019 Ram 1500 5th wheel towing

    Most calculations in engineering are approximations and in many cases limited by the techniques used in the manufacture or the resolution and accuracy of sensors and testing equipment. Medicine is worse; how often is the actual concentration of a pharmaceutical even measured? Many of the...
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    2019 Ram 1500 5th wheel towing

    I think I would qualify as an actual engineer, degree, license, and all, but engineering isn't an exact science. There are tolerances and design criteria. There are also laws, regulations, and liability. In most cases, it doesn't take a finite element analysis to solve this problem. Many people...
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    2019 Ram 1500 5th wheel towing

    There are three issues. Any of them are above payload on all but a stripped Ram 1500. The 1500 doesn't come with 5th wheel/gooseneck mounts. Installation is non-trivial. The 1500 only comes in a short bed, which may need an offset mount, slider, or rotating turret pinbox. Note that even in a...
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    The 4-link rear suspension air springs is head and shoulders above any of the competitors. Kelderman offers similar suspensions for 2500 and 3500 pickups. It can cost $10k or more for the complete front/rear setup. With the RAM 1500 it is standard in the Limited, and just $1500 on the other...
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    Is the Limited Less Expensive Than the Laramie Longhorn?

    IMHO the chrome detracts from the appearance of the Limited vs. the Laramie. However, it is absolutely true that all those options on a Laramie have very little value on resale. On the LImited, because they are standard, not a problem. I would like a saddle interior color option on the Limited...