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    Small black device identification

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right section but I noticed that there is a small black slim box that has come free from somewhere and is dangling in the driver side floor board area. The only marking on it are "This side down" along with two small light indicators. It looks like it is held...
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    Auto volume adjustment

    Does the Uconnect software let you set a default volume when starting up the truck? I continuously forget to turn down my radio when I park and when I start the truck up again I get blasted by the radio. I know my wife's car has a default setting that lowers the volume to a specific level when...
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    Anyone near Denver/ Colorado Springs have a RC speedo tool or AlfaOBD?

    Like title says Anyone near that area have a rough country speedometer reset tool or AlfaOBD and can assist in resetting the speedo willing to throw in some beer/ cash for their time. I need to reset mine after new tires and cant swallow the $200 for a tool that just resets the speedo -Mike
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    low profile valve stems?

    Hey guys, Do they make or anyone use low profile valve stems for TPMS? Going to swap over to some wheels but the location of the valve stem would leave it sticking awkwardly out since its longer. Would look a lot better if there was a shorter stem that could be swapped out with. Did some...
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    Map light switches not working

    Hey guys, so swapped my map bulbs for some led and not sure if I messed up. When I took the bezel off and pulled the part that holds the bulbs the switch for “off, auto, on” popped off too. When I looked it seemed like it might of been molded in the glass along with the little metal diode but...