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    Updated 2" Mopar Lift/Level Kit - Discussion

    Just placed the order for my AD kit. I already have 275/60R20 DURATRACS on my truck which come out to be 33in. Can't wait to get a little more space between the tire and fender. Here is a picture of it now. Tint coming soon. I noticed no one on here seems to have fender flares. I purchased mine...
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    Wireless Charger (Qi Charging)

    Now that I have my wireless Apple CarPlay I’ve been sliding my phone into the phone holder. Haven’t missed the charger yet. Works fantastic! No more cables and my phone is charged all day again. Love it. I think it doesn’t really look too bad. You don’t see it with the console slid closed or...
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    Wireless Charger (Qi Charging)

    My only problem is I have the safe. Then moving the slider back and fourth requires slack in the cable. I also use this cubby a lot and need a designated spot for my phone where only it belongs. Which is why I tried to incorporate the method I used. On my previous trucks I’ve deconstructed the...
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    Wireless Charger (Qi Charging)

    I’d like to see more of these! How crafty are all us cheap bastards?
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    Wireless Charger (Qi Charging)

    Man Mopar wants a lot of money for the factory wireless charging unit. Well I bought a nice thin one, command strips, and a new cable and made my own. What do you guys think? $13 out of my pocket for the charger. Everything else I had laying around.
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    Front Skid Plate

    The interesting thing is, I looked up an under body video of a rebel and it is just as open as my Big Horn. So odd the best Off Road Ram has to offer still doesn't have engine protection underneath. I am unsure if they even sell a factory plastic cover for these. What do others with the ORP...
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    Front Skid Plate

    I removed my Air Dam last night and I noticed there is no protection from loose rocks on the road under my truck. The engine is completely unprotected!!!! Does anyone have a part number or suggestion for a basic cheap skid to protect my engine? Check out the image of it wide open.
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    Front Air Dam Removal

    Does this worry anyone? Or does anyone have a plate, even plastic, that they put here to protect the engine?
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    Front Air Dam Removal

    I just removed mine and one major issue I have is how open everything is down there. One good rock jump and you have some major components being torn up. I will be looking into a skid plate or some sort of shielding for sure.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    $52,625 MSRP purchased for $42,625. $10k off making it 19% off.
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    Official Ivory White Tri-Coat Pearl Thread

    Walked away with this yesterday. Mods to come. No styling changes needed at least.