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  1. HemiDude

    Power Wagon!

    If I ever wanted a Power Wagon, it would be this one! I'm half tempted to go test drive it just for fun!
  2. HemiDude

    Master Cylinder Cover?

    Looking at getting billet fluid cap covers for the engine compartment, wondering if anyone has seen anything that covers the entire brake fluid reservoir. I hate to put a nice billet cap on there, just to have that big opaque plastic reservoir showing. I had some stainless and billet covers over...
  3. HemiDude

    New Shoes!

    Couple of daytime pics: Fuel Heater 20x9 +1 offset. Cooper Discoverer AT34S 276/60/20. Man I like these wheels!
  4. HemiDude

    Center Console Lid Replace

    Changed out my center console lid today. Had the base, nondescript one, bought one online with the Ram on it (the one that comes in the Laramie). I couldn't find much online in the way of how-to, so I took some pics. Hopefully this helps the next guy looking to do this. Rather than type out all...
  5. HemiDude

    Add-On CD Player

    Ok kids, this question is for those of us who want to play CDs - I've already read through the threads where the thumb-drive/etc folks handed down their judgement, not looking for that input. I found an add-on cd player on Amazon, wondering if anyone has used this or one like it...
  6. HemiDude

    Gator FX (and similar) will work the Cargo Management divider

    Hey guys, don't know that anyone has posted one like this so hopefully I'm not duplicating anyone else's work. When I went to install my new Gator FX hard cover, I saw that the prop rod hinge for the cover rested on top of my Cargo Divider rails. I first thought about shaving 1/4" off the area...
  7. HemiDude

    New Guy

    Hi guys, just joined! Bought my '20 Bighorn on last Saturday, first Ram I've had since my '97, and I really like it. 5.7 Crew, 4x4, 3.92, tow package, Granite Crystal. Took it back Friday to have wheel-to-wheel running boards on it, which I think really sets off the color and the chrome wheels...