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  1. Muskiez

    Photo Challenge Thread

    I damn near had it at fleet farm yesterday but the blue truck drove away just as I was getting out to take the picture!
  2. Muskiez

    Photo Challenge Thread

    Just got mine back tonight. They think it was just the 3rd brake light that was leaking so they put the updated light and seal in. We will see what happens. I think I’m gonna hold off on putting my topper back on for a while. Anyways.... back to the challenge. Someone on here has to be fishing...
  3. Muskiez

    Photo Challenge Thread

    I would have had this challenge done no problem, but my truck is currently in for the rear window leak😡
  4. Muskiez

    Photo Challenge Thread

    Rock yacht beat me to it but I figured I’d get in on this post anyways
  5. Muskiez

    2019 f150 2.7 owner looking to switch

    IMO the 4 auto makes way more difference driving in the snow than the anti spin or e locker. I had the e locker in one of my f150s and never really used it. My 2016 lariat had an open diff but had 4 auto. My current Ram has the anti spin and 4 auto. If you are ordering the truck you might as...
  6. Muskiez

    Rattle/Clicking Noise next to my head...

    If I remember right.. the plastic piece just snaps off. Just carefully pull it straight out. I think there are just some plastic tabs holding it on. Once you have that piece off, the hose gasket easily goes on.
  7. Muskiez

    Rattle/Clicking Noise next to my head...

    It is definitely coming from the seat belt. This noise drove me nuts for the first few weeks until I figured out where it was coming from. I tried lightly oiling it in the pivot point where the bolt goes thru but that didn’t help. I ended up taking the plastic cap off and put a hose gasket in...
  8. Muskiez

    Must make three payments then you can refinance?

    You are exactly right. I was told the exact same thing by my dealership that I had to wait 3 months to re finance. I read thru the whole contract and it specifically said there was no penalty for early payoff. I almost walked out of the place when buying for a few reasons but they were a couple...
  9. Muskiez

    Sell me on RAM

    The 4 wheel Drive system on Fords the was nail in the coffin for me to finally make the switch from Ford. I had a 2015 xlt that got a new transfer case at 5000 miles. I traded that truck in for a 2016 Lariat. Tge 2016 was in 3 different times for front end issues including new iwe’s, new hub...
  10. Muskiez

    New 21 Laramie owner coming from F150

    Just responding to his question bud.
  11. Muskiez

    New 21 Laramie owner coming from F150

    I’ve put 12000 miles on my 2020 Ram with probably 3000 of those miles pulling 4000 lbs. I’ve only ran 87 octane in it and have had no issues at all
  12. Muskiez

    Mopar mud flaps

    I filled mine with spray foam. I’m still not happy with them. I drive on a lot of gravel and the coverage sucks. When I had my topper put on, I had a set of husky flaps ordered for them to put on. When they went to remove the tape, they said they weren’t comfortable doing it because it might...
  13. Muskiez

    What do you think about the new F150?

    The interior took quite a step up from the previous gen, although the tach and speedometer look pretty tacky on the full digital dash. Overall it looks pretty good. Lots of details yet to be released tho.
  14. Muskiez

    From Lariat to Laramie

    Haha yeah there isn’t much to compare between those 2! I agree, I’m not brand loyal either. My last 3 were fords. Very happy with the new Ram! Nice looking truck you have!
  15. Muskiez

    From Lariat to Laramie

    I also bought my first Ram Laramie. I too came out of a Lariat. Which model of Lariat did you and and which engine. What are your initial thoughts between the 2? I came out of a 2016 Lariat sport with the 501a package and 2.7 engine. There are a few things I liked better on the Ford, but overall...
  16. Muskiez

    Locking key fob in truck?

    This is the single biggest thing I miss about my last few trucks. They were fords and had the keypad on the door that allows you to lock the keys in the truck. Didn’t realize how much I used it until I couldn’t! Love my new Ram just wish it had a keypad
  17. Muskiez

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Yes very happy with it!
  18. Muskiez

    What do you tow?

    I spend plenty of time towing this around
  19. Muskiez

    If i could, id have Ram add...

    You can lock your keys in the truck with it which Is really nice when you are out hunting and don’t want to carry them. Also If you need to grab something out of your locked truck you don’t need the fob