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  1. ayoslickxd

    Hell wig

    k so im convinced on purchasing a hellwig but right now idk which hellwig to get the longer version or shorter ( i believe it has two sizes )... So i am geting rear springs which is between clayton and dobinson heavy duty spring im after a spring that would handle the most weight in the bed ...
  2. ayoslickxd

    rear view mirror

    how do you connect it back together my mirror came off when i was adjusting it. -.-
  3. ayoslickxd

    Questions after installing 6112s

    So in short i have my Fronts at notch 6 which should of raised me 1.2 over stock (orp rebel). I measured at 38.5 on passenger and 37.75 on driver Now to fix this i Fiqured lets just go up one more notch on the driver side.... After doing it i barely got any kind of lift, remaining under 38...
  4. ayoslickxd

    looking to buy a winch 10k

    which would you guys recommend its gonna be in my front bumper and a 10k as its smaller and less weight i dont really think i will need a 12k so basically from what im reading syn rope to save weight.... but is thier anything esle ? brand or anything i need to worry about or any extras i need...
  5. ayoslickxd

    video on installing front and rear 6112/5160 on rebel

    i can not find anything besides just the 6112s anyone help please ?
  6. ayoslickxd

    trx rims

    can anyone point me to the mopar site. for trx rims apparently they sell the rims seperate and the bead lock kit also
  7. ayoslickxd

    rebel rear bumper weight ... and is it metal or alluminum ?

    how much does the rebel rear bumper weight im thinking of going with after market off road bumper .. also been reading and should i get a hellwig sway bar ?
  8. ayoslickxd

    questions on set up

    im buying the blitsteins and gonna do the set up i believe 6112s with the rear being i believe 5100 or 5160 i forget do i need to change my UCA also? if so what would you reccomend i do take the truck off road a bit so its not a complete pavement princess. so not looking to do spacers or...
  9. ayoslickxd


    im looking to buy a winch. im trying to see from you experts on which winch size and brand i should go with any one with knowledge of this talk to me haha
  10. ayoslickxd

    questions on lift and rim tire set up

    so at the moment idk if i wanna just add blinsteins 5100 shocks or just go with the mopar 2 inch lift kit im going more for the blinsteins cause the tire size im looking for are about 34/35 by 11 in half and. 12 with the coopers discovery pro tt next is the rims im thinking of going with trx...
  11. ayoslickxd

    anyone know if 2021 rebel has a active air dam

    cant find if a rebel has one and if so where. in the front ? forgot to mention i have a rebel eco diesel
  12. ayoslickxd

    im trying to get a off road bumper

    https://www.bumperonly.com/collections/2019-dodge-ram-1500-front-bumpers/products/fab-fours-dr19-x4251-1-dodge-ram-1500 this is the bumper im trying to get for ram rebel 2021 eco diesel. i am geting mixed answers. but in short my research has shown it will fit rebel and most likey just need...