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  1. Whitenight

    2020 pearl-white laramie linex

    Its not really matte black. I would say its about midway between, there is some shine to it
  2. Whitenight

    Fox Factory Race Series 2.5 Coilovers

    Are you gonna move them to the 3 inch stage when your UCA comes in?
  3. Whitenight

    New Ram 1500 DT FOX Suspension

    The 2.5 series can go to 3 inches in the front, but says it would need a new UCA. The 2.5s for the rear only go up 2 inches, I wonder if you would need new springs then?
  4. Whitenight

    2020 pearl-white laramie linex

    Had linex do the bed, bumpers, rockers and fender flares. Looks like a rebel now haha, I think it looks great. Putting gatorback mudflaps on now, and already fluid filmed the underside and in the body cavities. With MN tax it came in at 2,600 with the access cover installed.
  5. Whitenight

    Mopar 2 inch lift

    Shoot, was considering the mopar lift. Guess I'll do the stage 4 Icon one instead
  6. Whitenight

    A/T that can also handle snow???

    Gotcha, I'm happy with them so far. I drive around jobsites that can be super muddy and rough. The falkens have handled it so far.
  7. Whitenight

    Interesting, I'm thinking of a 11.5 inch size, so that might be perfect for what I want. Thanks...

    Interesting, I'm thinking of a 11.5 inch size, so that might be perfect for what I want. Thanks for the response!
  8. Whitenight

    A/T that can also handle snow???

    The wildpeqks came stock, I ordered the offroad package. The other posters are correct, the oem wildpeaks are a at3wA, dunno what difference that makes them vs the at3w. Without a head wind im getting about 18 on the highway with the 3.92 rear end. Only 700 miles though, so im hoping that goes...
  9. Whitenight

    A/T that can also handle snow???

    I have the falken wildpeaks on for my oem tire, there is zero road noise from them, even at 77 mph cruising. I just got the truck so I dont know how they handle snow yet, sounds like they should do well. Another A/T to look at is the Toyo OpenCountry AT3. They are mountainpeak snow rated. I had...
  10. Whitenight

    Top Mods

    1. Linex beeline, bumpers and rocker panels (goes in August 6th) 2. Access cover, same time as linex 3. MOPAR Airflow cai is installed 4. Fluid filmed the entire underside and inside the rocker panel (my 09 cab corners were horribly rusty) 5. Gatorback mudflaps Want to get 1. Borla s type with...
  11. Whitenight

    Are your wheels the fuel shok? What offset did you get? I have the oem fender flarea and wanted...

    Are your wheels the fuel shok? What offset did you get? I have the oem fender flarea and wanted an offset that was flush with the flare and yours looks close! Thanks in advance.
  12. Whitenight

    Order Tracking

    Yes indeed, Natural Gas ROW
  13. Whitenight

    Order Tracking

    Took delivery yesterday, 7/16/20. Ordered 5/21/20. Was due in by 7/17/20
  14. Whitenight

    Order Tracking

    Ordered 5/21/2020, ramchat said it should be at the dealer by 7/17/20. Was only in d status two weeks ago, they said anywhere from 7/3 to 7/17 for it to arrive. Trying to wait patiently.
  15. Whitenight

    Order Tracking

    I'm in Minnesota
  16. Whitenight

    Order Tracking

    Yeah they ordered it and "locked my price in" 53999 for loaded laramie crew, longbed
  17. Whitenight

    Order Tracking

    I just ordered 5/21, they ordered it as a 2020 model year, so IDK
  18. Whitenight

    Order Tracking

    Anyone order one right after they reopened? I'm curious as to how far out newly ordered trucks are (as I ordered mine 5/21/20). Couldn't find one at a dealer with all options, and I wasn't willing to bend since I was spending that much dough. Trying to be patient lol
  19. Whitenight

    Leather problem

    Yikes, sounds like you got the Friday crew truck
  20. Whitenight

    2020 Night Ram 1500

    I was between the olive green and ivory for the I was between ivory and olive green for the night edition I ordered. Finally talked myself into the stormtroopers look of the ivory lol