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  1. Dontfront82

    Lemon Truck, Update

    I obviously have a lemon truck.. 4 times at dealer for engine misfires 2 times for transmission pan leak The last misfire repair I had the dealer had the truck over a week and said it was fixed, 40 miles down the road I get another check engine light! Got a scan done, another engine misfire...
  2. Dontfront82

    2019 Ram Part Out/Sale

    Having too many issues with my 2019 ram I'm selling it as is for $50k obo with the choice of 22x12 or stock 22s with 35s m/t. 12xxx miles still has factory warranty. See signature for all the mods & details. So other option is trading it in. I will bring truck back to stock. I can trade...
  3. Dontfront82

    CHECK ENGINE LIGHT Ive lost count

    Just Got a light for cylinder 5 misfire, schedule appt. With service dept. For friday.. This truck has been in the service dept multiple times and has had multiple check engine light alomg with other issues, i already lost count. If u follow my post u know the history.. I'm at 12k miles and I...
  4. Dontfront82

    Hit A Pole!

    I hit a small pole , looks horrible Sucks! It should be getting fixed next week I went to a body shop earlier today I'm gonna have to order some new parts as well for the damaged plastics
  5. Dontfront82

    22X12 SUMMER SET UP 2019

  6. Dontfront82

    FUEGO- My Laramie Flamecoat Red

    I'm not sure if I've made a post in "members trucks", I still don't know how to look back on all the post I've created on this website.. But ither way, enjoy below!
  7. Dontfront82


    I'm in Texas. $580 o.b.o I'm selling 20 inch Ram Laramie wheels. Polished and painted. OEM rims They look great, zero damage and are about new. I think they fit GM truck now also.. $580 o.b.o
  8. Dontfront82

    Crooked Bumpers

    My front bumper is not aligned and crooked like a MF! noticed recently when detaling it.. Sucks, I don't want to take it to dealer since my local ram dealer is horrible just like the quality control at RAM! I'll find time to take it, honestly I would like money back from RAM all the issues I've...
  9. Dontfront82

    7500 miles Update 5 month

    I've had my ram 5 months and almost at 7500 miles. I had multiple tranny pan oil leak issues, coil pack misfire issues check engine light, back up cam issues, leather seat wrinkle issues, squeak suspension issues, and backing up breaks squeaking issues... I almost filed lemon law The issues...
  10. Dontfront82

    Rubbing Spindle & Lower Control Arm

    I got under truck this morning, I noticed the spindle and lower control arms had rub marks. Both sides same spots... Any one have input? Is this normal from extra flex off roading? Or could it be from the geometry on 3.5 Rough Country Lift?
  11. Dontfront82

    Weather Tech Mats

    I installed my weather tech mats and they fit perfect, clips right on to stock clips. I actually don't like floor mats at all lol I like the clean carpet look so I was fine with the stock mats that came with it, but now that I have these weather tech's I like them and they fit snug and seem...
  12. Dontfront82

    Official Flame Red Thread

    This is a thread for the members who own a FLAME RED 5TH GEN RAMS 1500:cool: I will kick it off with mine(y) Hello From TEXAS! POST AWAY. ASK AWAY 2019 Ram 1500 Laramine Sport 4x4 - Hemi 5.7 - 3.5 Rough Country Lift - Tinted Windows 20/5 % - Borla XR1 Exhaust - 35x12.5r22 Thunderer trac grip...
  13. Dontfront82

    Stock 22" wheels with 35s tires

    I wrapped my 22 inch stock ram wheels in 35x12.5r22 thunderer tires. Rides good and not loud. Easy and clean set up. No rub or cutting. 3.5 lift rough country
  14. Dontfront82

    35x12.5r22 Install! NO RUB

    3.5 rough country lift 35x12.5r22 tires 22 inch stock wheels No rubbing. Zero cutting zero trimming. No spacers.
  15. Dontfront82

    Stock, Leveled, 3.5 Lift Comparisons

    Bottom pic- Day one. Oct 31st, stock suspension Middle pic- Nov 9th, 2 inch level kit Top pic- nov 21st, 3.5 Rough Country Lift kit Just wanted to post this to show ppl the difference :cool: Enjoy!
  16. Dontfront82

    Exterior cab lights break light LED

    Replaced the bulbs earlier took me 5 mins, it's 4 Phillip head screws and 3 bulbs to replace. Idk why ram didn't do this from the beginning. Cheap mofos. Looks a lot better now.. I posted the bulbs below from amazon.. I found them from someone else on this forum but i don't remember from who...
  17. Dontfront82

    Rought country 3.5 Lift Installed Today

    3.5 rough county installed today. By all out off road houston texas. I had the leveling kit up front but it was not enough.. The front now sits at 39.5" front the ground up to center fender, before 37.5" approx The rear sits at 40.750" before 39" or so. They added the r.c upper control arm and...
  18. Dontfront82

    1800 miles, Problems Already!!

    Turned my truck on TODAY, check engine light on..orielly is right down the road so I get a code read. 2 codes. Both cylinder one misfire. I head to the dealer 10 mins away check engine light on the whole time. I get there speak to their boss, (NINO) he said nothing he can do. Untill monday...
  19. Dontfront82

    2019 22 Inch Stock Ram Wheels

    Looking for these wheels to buy. If anyone wants to sell let me know please. Preffer some one in Texas. The 22 stocks 2019.
  20. Dontfront82

    Hello 3.5 lift kit specs QUESTION/INFO

    Hello everyone, new here just got my ram last week! Love it so far! Recent Add ons are listed on my profile! :D I have a 2" front leveling kit on the ram at the moment and the truck rides great. Stock tires and wheels. 4x4 I want to go higher, so I wanted to see if you guys with the 3.5 lift...