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  1. SD Rebel

    Folding mirrors makes squeaks when closing, anyone else notice this?

    I just noticed recently my passenger mirror makes a really noticeably squeaking noise when closing. I wonder if it's an easy fix, like spraying some lubricant between the pivot points? I rather fix it myself and take it to the dealer unless the gears are stripped I doubt is the case.
  2. SD Rebel

    Anyone switched to aftermarket wheels using the stock 33" Duratracs?

    I'm thinking about doing a level and going with a set of 18" Method wheels or similar style, however I rather like my stock 33" Duratracs. I was considering just getting the wheels and then simply switching over to my stock tires (but black side out). Has anyone here done that switch? I am...
  3. SD Rebel

    Quick photo/look request on the inside of your B-Pillar trim

    I was wondering if someone could check (inside passenger front) on the top of the b-pillar where the door opening molding touches the headliner, if you have the same gap I have? I just got my windows tinted, so not sure if somehow it happened there. But I doubt it, because they aren't likely...
  4. SD Rebel

    Ram Pickups Remain Among Top 10 in Kelley Blue Book 2021 Best Resale Value Awards

    OK, here is a counter to another article that was recently mentioned: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/jeep-wrangler-gladiator-ram-pickups-remain-among-top-10-in-kelley-blue-book-2021-best-resale-value-awards-301239018.html - Jeep Gladiator repeats as a Top 10 Best Resale Value Award...
  5. SD Rebel

    Uconnect Over Air Update is Awesome!

    Just got the over-the-air update, it says 30 minutes but it took about 15 minutes, and one of the coolest things is now you can adjust the volume for nav and it will stay there! Instead of it reverting back to that ridiculously loud volume that shocks everyone in the car. There are a few...
  6. SD Rebel

    Quick review of a 2021 RAM - Cool features with a completely different type 3rd brake light

    Check it out.... HUD, auto folding tow mirrors, additional settings in gauge cluster, digital rear view mirror and I hope I can retrofit that LED 3rd brake light!
  7. SD Rebel

    Paint Code for the OEM Rebel Wheel?

    I had my wheels/tires recently rotated and balanced, and noticed one wheel had a couple of small nicks that obviously came from a spinning lug nut. I don't want to bother going through the trouble of having them fix this, rather just touch it up myself. However the color alludes me. It looks...
  8. SD Rebel

    My First Oil Change - Some Notes for those interested in trying it themselves

    Did my first oil change on the 5.7L this morning, at 4,725 miles, or 1 year since I purchased the truck. The build date was actually Jan 2019, so this oil was over 1 year 7 months old, so good idea to change it. I went with Shell Rotella Gas Truck synthetic 5W-20 and Mopar MO-339 filter...
  9. SD Rebel

    Pic Request - Gas Fill Door Open

    So I had an issue with the fuel nozzle getting stuck in the fuel filler tube today. I've had instances when it was lightly stuck but easily removed without much effort, but this time it was in there really good and took some time finessing to finally get it out. What worked was pulling nozzle...
  10. SD Rebel

    Anyone Know How to Remove Overspray from Plastic and Crinkle Finished Front Bumpers?

    So after washing my truck today, I noticed a lot of little specs of white dots on the front of my truck. Realized I must of driven through some paint overspray some time ago and never noticed since my truck stays dirty most of the time. Luckily the overspray dots are pretty easy to remove...
  11. SD Rebel

    Noticed a weird thing with my front fender liners, can someone confirm?

    On my 2019 Rebel, I noticed something a little odd with the front fender liners. Mainly that my driver's side is noticeably hanging lower and covering the top part of the shock tower, whereas the passenger side doesn't. I confirmed that there is only a quarter inch difference between the ride...
  12. SD Rebel

    Gas pump nozzle getting a little stuck when removing?

    Has anyone else experienced an issue after pumping gas, when pulling out the pump it gets a little stuck? I usually have to fiddle with it slightly to remove it, like pushing it in a bit while changing the angle to get it unstuck. I noticed a few threads on previous gen RAMs having nozzle...
  13. SD Rebel

    Hood vent fit? Is this normal?

    I just noticed while driving my new Rebel today that from the inside, the back of the hood vent doesn't fit very well on the hood. The left side has noticeably more gap than the right side. I'm just wondering if this is normal or maybe a clip is broken or loose? Any other Rebel owners...
  14. SD Rebel

    Can I confirm, do I really need running boards/steps in order to prevent rear fender rock chips?

    I've searched this quite a bit and got some good tips, but not enough to make the decision. Mainly because of the design of the RAM, wide rear hips and the Rebels large tires, that rocks thrown up from the front tires will chip up the rear fender over time. I know this is also true for...