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  1. Wandering Infidel

    2020 Rebel Leveling Kit?

    Looks like most recommend an Alignment after installation, as it throws off the toe just a bit.
  2. Wandering Infidel

    2020 Rebel Leveling Kit?

    Any noticeable ride change or handling?
  3. Wandering Infidel

    2020 Rebel Leveling Kit?

    Dose 2.5 inch lift make it a true level on a Rebel?
  4. Wandering Infidel

    2020 vs 2019 Rebel Motors, Same?

    Dumb question coming up! lol. Is the motor set up the same in the 2020 Rebel vs the 2019? 5.7 HEMI. I am asking because I am looking to get a cold air intake system and I am finding a LOT of them labeled as "will fit in 2019 DT Rebel 5.7 HEMI". Thanks!
  5. Wandering Infidel

    2020 Rebel Leveling Kit?

    How is the ride? Noticeable difference? The Rebel already rides different then my Big Horn, so I am hoping to not get too much of a rough ride.
  6. Wandering Infidel

    2020 Rebel Leveling Kit?

    I recently picked up the 2020 Rebel. I was looking in to lifting the truck a bit. 2 inch lift would suffice for my needs and wants. But now I am looking at just LEVELING the front with a Tuff Country 2.5 inch leveling kit. Does anyone have experience with this set up and or the brand Tuff...