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    Ram box and bed extender?

    Did these parts end up working?
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    2019 ram HK system complete system upgrade

    This is the full cat back system
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    B.C Roll Call

    Nick -Lower mainland Check out my truck
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    Aftermarket Amp and 12” sub install in a HK LIMITED!

    Hey Guys, Check out my ram- I had my local shop and tech Anthony install a slash 600 with a lc2i- we just finished sound deadening all of the doors - and the rear back wall is next along with the floor board.
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    Here is my new set up- This is my local techs youtube channel here is the old borla pro xs with rear resonator deletes
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    2019 ram HK system complete system upgrade

    This is my local tech- Anthony, working on my truck, you can see him removing the panels- please give him a follow on youtube and like! here is another video of my truck and issues my exhaust
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    2019 ram HK system complete system upgrade

    I Just upgraded the front and rear 6x9 on my ram-also did sound deadening behind doors on the sheet metal. The technician made videos and clips of how todo it- i will upload the links soon
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    The resonators made all the difference- I will upload a video for you
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    Vancouver BC Canada

    2019 Ram 1500 Limited -Customer ordered Jan 2019- Delivery April 2019 - 40,000 kms Rambox Limited Level 1 Equipment Group Pano Sunroof Light Frost Interior E torque 3.92 Gears Bed Utility Group Trailer Tow Package 124 litre Tank Anti Spin rear end Fuel tank/Front suspension/Steering Gear/...
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    how do you like the exhaust? I have a borla pro xs muffler replacement with resonator delete- it drones decent and makes pretty good cabin noise when driving- hows yours compare to this?
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    Wrong flowmaster delivered

    Did you get the 717889? if so do you mind giving a video- interior shot of the sound and noise levels?
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    Exhuast is not loud enough

    Any drone with XS and resonator delete?
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    Finished the exhaust!

    I think your set up sounds the best, ive been browsing at many options and replacing the muffler and removing the resonators is the best option, btw im in Vancouver BC i have a 19 limited
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    2019 ram HK system complete system upgrade

    i was thinking of throwing in a jl audio thin tw3truck box in behind the passenger rear seat where the factory subwoofer sits. http://www.jlaudio.ca/cs110tg-tw3-car-audio-powerwedge-subwoofer-systems-93302 would this fit? it states it needs about six inches at the base and 4 inches at the top...