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  1. Scram1500

    Carolina Squat banned in own state

    The squat is no more https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/nc-gov-signs-bill-banning-dangerous-carolina-squat-pickup-truck/ar-AAOcnI8?li=BBnbfcL
  2. Scram1500

    Set Clock to GPS, 8.4 without NAV?

    I had to adjust my clock and noticed it said sync to GPS time. How is this possible on a base 8.4 head unit without navigation, do all these trucks have GPS?
  3. Scram1500

    Hennessey Mammoth SUV

    Something else to drool over https://www.motortrend.com/news/hennessy-ram-1500-trx-mammoth-suv/
  4. Scram1500

    Scratches on guage cluster lens

    What is safest way to clean the dust off the guage cluster lens? Last time I wiped down a guage cluster it got really scratched up
  5. Scram1500

    Anzom Palladium Luxury 1500

    Not my thing, but kind of interesting to see a "factory built" custom luxury 1500 https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1129798_700-horsepower-aznom-palladium-all-terrain-luxury-sedan-mines-for-rich-adventurers
  6. Scram1500

    Dueler H/T a passenger tire?

    After taking a closer look, I was pretty disgusted to find that my 275/65 R18 Dueler H/T is more of a passenger tire and not a truck tire. To top it off after poking around on the Bridgestone website the warranty mileage range is listed as "0". What kind of life span can I expect out of these...
  7. Scram1500

    Clunking rear hub-axle lateral movement

    Hello, first time poster, could not find a topic specific to my concern There is lateral play (have not measured) left to right in both rear wheels. I can produce a clunk (sound and feel) in the hub/lug nut area by rocking the bed from left to right. I also jacked up the rear end, grabbed the...