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    Air suspension rebel vs limited (4 vs 5 heights)

    Limited with ORG also only have 4 settings
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Washed and waxed it for the first time. Put on screen protector. Fun part will be stripping the wax to apply ceramic coating if I could get a weekend without rain.
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    Bed moving whIle going over bumps.

    Thank you glad it's normal.
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    Bed moving whIle going over bumps.

    I searched and couldn't find anything. I haven't driven a truck in 2 years so I can remember if this is normal. Is it normal for the bed to move when going over bumps?
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    Enjoying my 19 Limited so far!

    Try scooting the seat back and adjusting the pedals to compensate
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    Interior care

    What dish soap do you use. I was thinking about baby shampoo but dunno if that would work.
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    3.21. vs 3.92 gear

    I went with 3.92 for the towing and not knowing were I will get stationed at next. Could be flat land or hills who knows.
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    Dynamic Bi-LEDS don’t work

    Check your manual you may have to have the turn signal on also
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    Limited with Active Air Dam...

    My build sheet says Fixed Front Air Dams Active Front Air Dams. I will have to check once it arrives
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    "Air design" for new ram!

    With prices like that they must not want to sell anything
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    HK System

    This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or after January 1, 2018 (MDH 0128XX) andon or before August 28, 2018 (MDH 0828XX) equipped with 19 Speaker HarmonKardon Premium Sound (Sales Code RCA It appears you should already have the update but always worth asking the dealer to check and make...
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    HK System

    What's your build date? Their maybe a tsb for it if your build date is an early one.
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    Shell rotella gas truck oil

    Like the price, I used rotella in my Cummins like their oil
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    FCA Just CANCELLED my order.

    Because there are trucks with options people don't want or configuration you just can't find easily.
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    CD Player Modification

    Maybe upfitter switches could go in it's place would be a good spot I would think or if you could get the CD player to play dvds for a rear entertainment system for the kiddos
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    Air Suspension or Not??? Ordering soon

    Depends on what you plan to do with the truck. I want to tow with it so I like the idea of auto leveling. Reliability we will have to wait and see how that one goes. I would suggest weighing the pros and cons of each suspension and test drive both and go with the one you like more.
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    Order Tracking

    Finally got the build date on mine got built on June 2nd and is at port waiting to come overseas should get the truck a month earlier than expected.
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    3D Printed Console Organizer Now available

    Inventor is free if your a student but need a good computer to run very ram dependent.