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    Travel trailer thoughts

    So I was looking at the wildwood 201bhxl travel trailer. Hitch Weight: 528 lb. UVW 4233lb. its 23’. I have a 2019 rebel with tow package with coil springs not the air suspension. Door sticker says I have 1558lb carry capacity. I was planing on getting an equalizer WD hitch. Does anyone see...
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    Interior lights?

    So I was wondering what interior lights are rebels supposed to have? I’m talking about the interior night time lights that you can brighten and dim So it not pitch black in cab. I only have the center light shining down on the center storage compartment. Are we supposed to have more?
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    Voice command issues

    Hi everyone new 2019 ram rebel 1500 owner here traded in my 2015 Tacoma. Anyway here’s my problem. When my iPhone is connected to car play through usb voice command on steering wheel will not work for any phone related stuff. It even says no phone connected. If I disconnect usb and connect...