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    Mopar’s “Ram Airflow” Cold-Air Intake System For Ram 1500:

    I talked my dealer down to 1200. This is in Alberta. Still to much though.
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    33x12.5 on stock wheels

    Fit my sport rims fine
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    Yes stock 20" sport rims
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    I'll have to check for you but so far I've been driving through snow and I've had no issues with rubbing
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    Cold air in center console

    Not when it's 30 below
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    Cold air in center console

    Mine does too I wish there was some way of getting heat in there
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    That's what I have on my truck they rub at full turn but otherwise no problems at all
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    Where is my engine block heater cord??? 2019 Ram 1500

    tomc is dead on it is in the stupidest place ever. I rerouted my down where the tow hooks mount.
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    Best Tuner without Unlocked PCM?

    I have a pulsar and there is a noticeable difference compared to a stock truck even my mechanic couldn't believe the difference
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    Mopar’s “Ram Airflow” Cold-Air Intake System For Ram 1500:

    Just priced it out in Canada and they quoted me just under 1500 bucks. To bad.
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    4WD Top Speed

    4lo has a very low speed limit driving in 4-wheel drive high or Auto you can drive as fast as the truck will go there is no harm they are designed to go that fast as the front ends do not fully unlock so they are moving at the same speed as the rear no matter if it's in 4-wheel drive or two...
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    Anyone who has done a muffler delete and left resonators, how do you like it?

    I just straight pipe mine and kept the resonators love the sound and a 70 it's pretty much as quiet as stock
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    Looking to replace muffler and delete resonators - any advice?

    I just straight piped mine and kept the resonators it sounds awesome and it's quiet at cruising speeds.
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    Pulsar for sale

    I don't have enough replies to p.m. yet so if you can p.m. me your information and a contact then I can send you my information
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    Pulsar for sale

    I'll give you $350 Canadian ship to Alberta if you don't get a better offer by tomorrow
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    Could this be the passenger side wind noise issue??

    My passenger side wind noise came from rear door seals not being sealed. New seals on the way, both sides.
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    Finally the Limited we all have been wanting!

    That's exactly what a Canadian sport version looks like without the limited interior
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    Anyone who has done a muffler delete and left resonators, how do you like it?

    Do you have a part number for that Hellcat take off Muffler
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    Dust in cab

    Get your door seals checked out I I had to get 2 replaced on my rear doors