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    SiriusXM, excluding undesirable channels while scanning.

    The owners manual says that for the 12 inch screen "SiriusXM Setup — If Equipped After pressing the “SiriusXM Setup” button on the touchscreen, the following settings will be available: ".........."SiriusXM can be programmed to designate a group of channels that are the most desirable to listen...
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    Auto for entry/exit mode on air suspension?

    2019 Limited with 12 inch screen. In the owners manual it says there s a setting under "After pressing the “Engine Off Options” button on the touchscreen (12 inch), the following settings will be available: "............"Auto Entry/Exit — If Equipped On Off ". Problem is that this option is not...
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    Any way to make the backup/surround view full screen?

    I'd like the full screen when I back up. Also is it possible to turn on the surround view manually?
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    Does entry/exit mode of air suspension work when you have a cab over camper installed?

    I've been thinking of getting a truck with the air suspension. One of the benefits of the air suspension I thought would be to be able to lower the vehicle so I could drive into the garage with the camper still installed (the type of cab over camper with the roof you can lower). I looked at...