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    Excellent thanks. That worked and the faq on the page is very helpful. I'll be moving forward on this for sure. Thanks for doing the legwork on this. Legend!!
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    What is the name of the discord channel? I get no results when I use the link. Never used Discord before tho.
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    Self driving 1500 limited

    Have a link to where to buy?
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    Self driving 1500 limited

    Can you elaborate a little more on what is required? You add the camera, harness, and software but it can be integrated into the ACC and Lane Sense? Also I'm out of town right now so I don't have my truck, but what is that yellow light flashing?
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    Self driving 1500 limited

    Am definitely interested in this, but it's way over my head...:oops: Just a poor dumb mechanical engineer
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    UConnect/CarPlay Problems

    Oh boy, here it is 11/1/20 and mine just stopped today. I was able to listen to audible over Bluetooth, but no CarPlay functionality. In the past I've always been able to unplug and then plug it back in and it would work. Going to tray a new cable tomorrow. I hope a dealer visit isn't in my...
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    2020 Luxury Car of the Year Nominees ( RAM ? )

    That is so cool. After almost 3 months of ownership I can see why.
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    Leather Care

    Has anybody used Lexol on the dash that can report on what it did to the texture of the leather. I like the dull finish and wouldn't want it to gloss up after application.
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    Yes,35s fit!

    That first link looks WAY shorter than the other one. Just fronts, I have mine looking more like the second one. Are you throwing any codes? What are your final link measurements?
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    So this is really interesting (bigger tires + lower speedo = aero mode?)

    They may use a pressure traducer built into the actuators that sense the pressure on the bottom of the flap. Then in actuated mode they sense the lighter "Deployed" pressure then retract at that point.
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    Air Suspension Warning

    Well that makes sense because I'm at 39.75 and 40.5 and no errors at all. Thinking about another turn closed and try for awhile. That's OR2 and stock rubber. Nittos on the way. Glad you got it sorted out.
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    Air Ride with DAYSTAR and REVEL Links!

    Yhea, I'm on the stock 22" rubber. The stance is awesome now, ride is excellent and I'm driving myself crazy searching for 35x12.5x22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. This is going to push me to sell my extra set of BMW E60 M5 BBS 166 wheels. That should get me about halfway there. This is a great Mod.
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    Air Ride with DAYSTAR and REVEL Links!

    Installed on my Limited yesterday. My biggest issues were: 1. After trimming getting a couple of the extenders to thread on. I used the old nuts as cut stops so I know the threads were cleaned and deburred. I did not have a tap and die but for that size. It’s it’s a little tough getting it on...
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    2020 1500 Limited in Black

    My Clone!! Bad ***! I added Weathertech bug shield and mud flaps tho..