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    FCA to recall 318,000 vehicles for faulty backup camera software

    This has happened to me twice. No big thing. What I'm afraid of is if the fix will prevent me from using the surround cameras when I feel I need them. For example, I use the forward camera when I pull into the garage so that I know where to stop. Can anyone who has had the fix confirm I...
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    2019/2020 Ram 1500 V6 Gas vs. V6 Ecodiesel

    I flew all the way to Oklahoma from California to get my 2019 Limited with a V6 ( Joe Cooper Dodge in Shawnee, Oklahoma). They picked me up at my airport hotel and the truck was all prepped and ready to go. I was in and out within 45 minutes including the test drive. They currently have four...
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    RAM Limited V6 Regular Gas

    I have about 3800 miles on my Limited V6 with 3.21 axle. The fuel consumption average since new shows 23 mpg. I have never reset this. Is it even resettable? Is that what it is showing (average mpg since new)? I have made 2 trips to Reno from Sacramento area to go skiing recently. So about 80%...
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    Any way to make the backup/surround view full screen?

    I agree. What idiot designed this thing? Does FCA listen to it customers? Does anyone have a good # to call? It seems like it would be an easy software update.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Yes I did. Visited my brother in Colorado and skied several times on the way home.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I purchased a 2019 Limited at Joe Cooper Dodge in Shawnee Oklahoma. I got the advertised price. I really took a chance because I flew out from California since they had the best price on a 2019 Limited with the V6 engine. I wanted the 0% for 60 months so lost one of the $1000 rebates but...
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    Phantom features

    Thanks. You were correct. It was the seatbelt.
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    V6 on the new Ram

    I recently purchased a new 2019 Limited with the V6 and drove it between Oklahoma City (where I purchased it new with 29 miles) to Sacramento and my average since new was 22.2 mpg. My highest calculated mileage was 24.5 and my lowest was 17.6. I just drove to Reno with a full load of people and...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I know how you feel. Apparently, many dealers get some kind of kickback from FCA providing you sign up for outrageous financing APR. That is the great advertised price you will see and the dealers will tell you that you can always refinance in a few months. I ended up buying a 2019 Limited...
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    Phantom features

    Probably me you were talking about. I think I found another ( unless it is just my vehicle). The manual say the parking brake will release when put in drive or reverse. Mine does not release.
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    Found a 2020 Limited without eTorque

    I think the Black Appearance Package looks really cool but $4000??
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    2020 Ecodiesel Review with drive..

    I would have liked to get the Ecodiesel but in Northern California at my local Costco Diesel it is .50 more per gallon. Safeway it was .60 more per gallon. 3 years ago I had a 2017 with the Diesel and it was .30 cheaper per gallon at Costco. WTF??
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    Applied on 12-24-19 and received email with this message on 12-26-19. "Your application has been reviewed by a BonusDrive representative and so far, so good! We will now be sending your information to the vehicle manufacturer who will review and approve your payment. ". Only thing I am worried...
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    SiriusXM, excluding undesirable channels while scanning.

    The owners manual says that for the 12 inch screen "SiriusXM Setup — If Equipped After pressing the “SiriusXM Setup” button on the touchscreen, the following settings will be available: ".........."SiriusXM can be programmed to designate a group of channels that are the most desirable to listen...
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    Auto for entry/exit mode on air suspension?

    2019 Limited with 12 inch screen. In the owners manual it says there s a setting under "After pressing the “Engine Off Options” button on the touchscreen (12 inch), the following settings will be available: "............"Auto Entry/Exit — If Equipped On Off ". Problem is that this option is not...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    2019 Ram 1500 Limited V6 with Level 1 Equipment Group and anti-spin axle. MSRP $62795 Paid $49680 plus $495 doc fee including 0% for 60 months. Other than the outrageous doc fee nothing to complain about. This was at Joe Cooper Dodge Jeep in Shawnee, OK. Flew there from Reno and got in late at...
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    Do PenFed and Truecar rebates stack?

    Many of the current rebates do NOT stack with Employee Pricing Plus.
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    Best MPG?

    I just picked up my 2019 Limited V6. It has the 3.21. Drove it 700 miles so far. Nearly all freeway at 70-80 mph at 15-30 F. Mostly flat. Hand calculated one tank came in at 17.8 and the last one at 17.3 mpg. Not too thrilled with this mileage. Could it be a combination of the low temps and...
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    Any way to make the backup/surround view full screen?

    I'd like the full screen when I back up. Also is it possible to turn on the surround view manually?