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    OEM Bedstep with Mult-function Tailgate (MFT): Missing a hole

    The challenges with drilling a hole would be twofold I think. One, it's really thick plate steel and a big hole. You'd need a serious drill. Second, based on how the step mounts on that side, you can't just trace the hole and start drilling. The step mounts to the inside of the frame, so...
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    OEM Bedstep with Mult-function Tailgate (MFT): Missing a hole

    Just putting this here to help someone else in the future. I've got a '20 Limited with MFT and Ramboxes. I love it and anxiously awaited the release of the Mopar bed step that was designed for use with MFT. It seemed like a straight-forward install. Remove two bolts, then install the step...
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    So how many of you have renewed Uconnect?

    I'd consider it if I could ever get any of it to consistently work. Or get someone to explain to me why XM, Uconnect, and Guardian are 3 different ecosystems.
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    Nerded my truck up today

    Love that!
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    Uconnect Lag

    New 2020 Limited owner here. For the most part no lag on the 12", but I have the same issue on the XM preset buttons while in split screen. They work fine in full screen. In split screen, the button will beep indicating that it knows I touched it, but never changes stations (or at least I...
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    Getting into the bed...

    So, here's a look at my setup: Multifunction tailgate, small hitch step, and just added a strip of the stair tread stuff. It's actually much less noticeable during daylight.
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    New 2020 Limited owner here. I've gotten the map to show weather information only briefly one time, and even that time it didn't show the full map area. Anyone confirm this working consistently? I'm trying to decide if it's worth the effort to try to get Sirius to refresh, or just add it to...
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    Getting into the bed...

    Has anyone considered adding anything to provide some more traction on the rear bumper "cut out" in front of (or is it behind?) the license plate? I was working in the bed after a rain shower and was concerned I'd slip off of it. The higher sections of the bumper have some tread on them, but...
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    Black Argent Wood Trim?

    Hey guys...new Limited owner here. I'm curious: Does anyone know what exactly Black Argent Open Pore Wood is? That's what Google says the wood trim in the Limited is. What makes the white lines in it? I've never heard of an Argent tree.