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  1. d_THRILL

    285/45/R22 Continental Terrain Contact AT - Stock 22'' Replacement

    Just purchased the Continental Terrain Contact AT's in 285/45/22 which is stock replacement size for the 22'' wheels. As everyone who has a 22'' wheel knows, finding decent tires for this size wheel is not the easiest decision. I'm a former K02 and Duratrac user prior to coming over to Ram. I've...
  2. d_THRILL

    Tire Options for 22' Limited Wheels with No Lift/Level

    Can someone post what non-factory tires they are running on their 22'' Limited wheels without a level/lift? Looking to upgrade the tires without having to lift/level the truck and obviously want to avoid rub. TIA.
  3. d_THRILL

    Leather Discoloration

    Is anyone having any issues with their leather discoloring? Specifically, the Indigo/Frost leather interior? I have several spots (on the blue portion of the leather) on the back of both front seats that look like the dye is fading. It's almost as if you had white chalk on your hands and touched...
  4. d_THRILL

    UConnect version 20-16 Update Released 11/19/18

    Today UConnect pushed an update through all the trucks, as confirmed by a UConnect representative. When shutting my truck off today and before exiting my car, a message appeared on my 12.1” screen stating there was an update available and would I like to install it? If so, I was to hit yes and...
  5. d_THRILL

    4 Wheel Drive (4WD) Not Working

    Anyone have issues switching into 4wd? Today is the first day since buying the truck the opportunity presented itself with snow coming down here in the northeast. However, 4wd would not engage for me. While driving I tried switching into Auto 4WD. After blinking for a few seconds it would fail...
  6. d_THRILL

    12.1” Uconnect intermittent pauses

    So my 12” UConnect system decided today to pause audio every few seconds on all media types. (I.e. SiriusXM, AM, FM, USB, CarPlay, Bluetooth AND CD. Every available option). What happens is the audio will come through for about 2 seconds and then pause for 1. This is non-stop. I’ve powered the...
  7. d_THRILL

    Waze is the Way on CarPlay!

    So I'm sure you all know that Waze has been updated in iOS 12 to be compatible with Apple CarPlay. This may be the most useful app on CarPlay to date....at least to me. If you don't use Waze you should start. If you do use Waze, you're going to love it even more with CarPlay. No more hassle of...
  8. d_THRILL

    Mopar Tanneau Soft Roll Up Cover

    Had my Mopar Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover installed today. Came out great. Really loving its fit, ease and accessibility. The part number is #82215254 for the 5’7 Conventional bed. Also put in the RAM bed extender from Mopar. Very happy with both.
  9. d_THRILL

    Rant Post

    How many of you "slackers" are at work refreshing this page hoping for some RAM discussion!? I'm guilty! So here you go! I'll rant about what's on my mind with my very first RAM since I bought it 3 weeks ago. I was able to get a pretty killer deal on my truck. It was listed for $67k but the...
  10. d_THRILL

    New Member - Scranton, PA area

    2019 Ram Limited - Maximum Steel Metalic exterior, Indigo/Frost interior, Bumper Color Match, Air Suspension, Alpine Speakers with Subwoofer, Trailer Tow Group, Bed Utility Group, 3.92 Rear Axle, Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle, Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof, 22x9" Polished Painted Wheels with...