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    On-Screen software installation message stuck

    I'm still going back and forth with Uconnect tech support via email. They seem pretty confused as to what might be causing this issue and are asking me to try other iPhones and android phones. I'd send your issue to Uconnect so that they know this isn't a one off deal.
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    On-Screen software installation message stuck

    I've experienced that same issue. I suspect its related to apple CarPlay notifications. Are you using CarPlay when it happens? Usually I disconnect the CarPlay and it disappears after a restart. Uconnect tech support is still looking into the issue for me.
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    Laramie sport thread

    Here's mine... Loving it!
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    Heads up. Be careful with Apple CarPlay spam texts.

    Earlier today I received a text on CarPlay that I suspect tried to install something onto Uconnect. I’ve recently seen an uptick in spam texts (thanks 2020) and without thinking clicked on an incoming text on my CarPlay (2021 Laramie 12” system). Shortly after I saw a pop up on my Uconnect...
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    New Michigan owner

    Greetings... New 2021 Laramie Sport owner. I came across this forum while researching the purchase of the truck. Looking forward to reading and learning.