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  1. darthvaper04

    Toyo Open Country 35, will they fit?

    I’m getting some 18”NV Methods 18x9 with some Open Country 35x12.5 and about to get my level done. I did some research of people saying they will fit they won’t fit so I just want to see if anyone is running that same set up before I get them. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. darthvaper04

    Aftermarket backup sensors

    Has anyone installed aftermarket sensors to there 5th gen, I'm about to just want to know the hot wire on the reverse lights. Also how did yours come out. Thanks
  3. darthvaper04

    Will bigger tires fit

    I have 2019 Ram bighorn with 18 power coated black I know the Rebel have Wrangler Duratac LT275/ 70R 18 I know they will fit on my rims how will they look with 2" level.