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  1. Ziggyrz07

    Tuning and modifications

    Hello everyone I’ve been a member here for awhile, my name is randy ziegelbauer and I own a performance shop in Amarillo Texas. So if you’re looking for quality affordable tuning or cam swaps let me know. I have over 20 hours of street tuning and 35 Dyno pulls on my personal 2019 ram. Doing a...
  2. Ziggyrz07

    4.10 and 4.56 gear ratios

    So we all know the gears are friction welded onto the carrier. This week we are finishing up a full drop in front differential with a 4.10 or 4.56 gear set. You can order a full differential that drops in or you can order the internals from us. Message me if you’re interested in one of these...
  3. Ziggyrz07

    New ram is tuned and making good power and fuel economy

    After 35 dyno pulls and 15 hours of street testing we are getting close to perfect on our 2019 ram. 27.4hp 24.4lbs of torque This was on 37” tires so we will be doing some more testing and do some Dyno Pulls. There is no reason why we can’t hit 35whp on stock truck. As of right now truck has...
  4. Ziggyrz07

    DIY led oem swap Front and rear

    I went on eBay and waited to find quality prices for the tail lights and head lights I think I’m 1100 in the set. Then 170 to retro shop for the adapters for the front head lights. Front swap can be done in 1-2 hours and rear in 20 minutes or so. to remove front fascia you’ll want to use...