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  1. JR2085

    Cold Start Misfire

    This weekend we had a rough idle come out of nowhere on cold starts, particularly once it has sat overnight. The engine sputters like a misfire for a few seconds and then the idle smooths out. Has anyone else had this problem? What were the remedies? I am trying to get in for service this week...
  2. JR2085

    Official Rugged Brown Pearlcoat Thread

    I searched and didn't see an official thread for RBPC. Ours is basically stock for now, but I'm starting to lean towards some bronze colored wheels on it.
  3. JR2085

    Rear Spacer and Towing Performance

    Does adding a rear spacer impact towing capabilities? I'm not interested in much, maybe an 1" or 2".
  4. JR2085

    North Edition Package 1" Lift

    I've read that the North Edition package has a 1" lift over stock 4x4 trucks. I do not see anything on my window sticker about it. Does anyone else have the package with the lift on the window sticker? Any way I can confirm whether it does, or does not. Will it cause any issues if I add a...