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  1. RAMpage

    Front end clunk over bumps

    Had a search around and clunking seems to be a common problem but for turning. Mine is clunking from the front passenger corner while going over speed bumps. If I hit one on the driver side only, no clunk. Can repeat every time from the passenger side though. Anyone have similar issue...
  2. RAMpage

    Anyone happen to know the part number for this? (Rubber stop on inside of door)

    Damaged one while attempting to fix my door alignment. Thanks in advance!
  3. RAMpage

    Power seat(s) fuse

    Anyone happen to know which fuse is for the power seats? Don’t see anything in my owner’s manual. Thanks!
  4. RAMpage

    Different rearview mirrors?

    So I am in the process of replacing one 2019 RAM Rebel with another and happened to notice last night while test driving it that the rearview mirror in the new truck is different. It has a much thinner plastic bezel. The only difference in options between the two trucks (in that general area)...
  5. RAMpage

    New member from Ottawa, Canada

    Hello everyone! Long time RAM owner (this is my 5th 1500 now) - new 2019 RAM Rebel owner. Really enjoying the truck - except for the faulty backup camera and weakish A/C unit. Not impressed the issues were present since the day of delivery (shouldn't have passed PDI) but at least it's usable...