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  1. JR2085

    2" Rough Country Spacers

    I think that pre load spacers are the main ones that change ride quality, since it stretches out the stock strut. I have seen several reviews that said top hat spacers are the way to go and have little to no change in ride quality...
  2. JR2085

    Cold Start Misfire

    This weekend we had a rough idle come out of nowhere on cold starts, particularly once it has sat overnight. The engine sputters like a misfire for a few seconds and then the idle smooths out. Has anyone else had this problem? What were the remedies? I am trying to get in for service this week...
  3. JR2085

    Plastidip 'burnt copper' wheels

    I am extremely interested in how this holds up. I've thought about doing the same. Black seems to be overdone and I think bronze or copper would look great with the Rugged Brown Pearlcoat.
  4. JR2085

    Official Rugged Brown Pearlcoat Thread

    Those are one of the sets I had my eye on, so I'm stoked to see them on your truck.
  5. JR2085

    Clicking sound on startup

    Mine has recently started doing the same. It's just for a few seconds after the vehicle sits for a while. I was thinking it had something to do with the lifters and oil pressure taking a few seconds to reach them. I thought about adding some Lucas full synthetic with my next oil change to help...
  6. JR2085

    Anyone else try the new Hankook Dynapro AT2's?

    I put them on my F150 about 94k miles and traded them in with about 133k on the truck. I had 0 complaints and they held up extremely well. A coworker turned me on to them, as he ran them on all his Jeeps. He mentioned they received pretty awesome reviews as well. I'm seriously thinking of going...
  7. JR2085

    Official Rugged Brown Pearlcoat Thread

    The last I heard is that was being discontinued as well. It's an amazing color and I get compliments on it all the time. I personally prefer it over the Walnut Brown
  8. JR2085

    Official Rugged Brown Pearlcoat Thread

    I searched and didn't see an official thread for RBPC. Ours is basically stock for now, but I'm starting to lean towards some bronze colored wheels on it.
  9. JR2085

    North Package Question

    Here was my response, this one isn't going away that easy..... Hi JR2085, Power memory mirrors are not available on the North Edition. The feature is available on Rebel and standard on Laramie, Longhorn and Limited. We regret any information to the contrary and we have amended our materials to...
  10. JR2085

    Rebel Center Console

    Following the thread
  11. JR2085

    North Package Question

    I sent a message to RamCares asking for a specialist to be assigned, but so far I have yet to hear back. Looks like they might be calling and audible back to arguing with the dealership about it.
  12. JR2085

    MPG computer lies - badly!

    Over our first 2k miles on our 5th Gen, we have averaged 17.8 MPG's and an average speed of 30.3 MPH. Most times when I hand calculate, the on board computer is .5 MPG short, rather than over stating.
  13. JR2085

    Rear Spacer and Towing Performance

    It would be a spring spacer. Just lifting it slightly, not looking for anything major. It's my wife's daily driver, so a major lift is out of the question. I just didn't want to hurt my towing capability should we go that route.
  14. JR2085

    Rear Spacer and Towing Performance

    Does adding a rear spacer impact towing capabilities? I'm not interested in much, maybe an 1" or 2".
  15. JR2085

    North Package Question

    My thoughts exactly. Though the memory mirrors would be great, I'd be happy with a few accessories to make up the difference.
  16. JR2085

    North Package Question

    It looks like mine is supposed to have them as well according to the build sheet, but nothing on the window sticker. I'll be interested to see what your dealer says.
  17. JR2085

    Dealer tried to force GPS theft deterrent add on

    My understanding is that the base service is free. https://secure.moparevts.com/base.html
  18. JR2085

    Dealer tried to force GPS theft deterrent add on

    I get not wanting to pay for the subscription if you already have one in place. Not wanting the free GPS locating seems crazy to me, whether you have insurance covering the theft or not. Insurance rates are high enough without paying out for every vehicle that is stolen, rather than being able...
  19. JR2085

    North Package Question

    I have the north package and have everything but the exterior mirrors with memory. I am unsure on the HD shock absorbers, I will have to check that tonight. I also read several articles that mention they come with a 1" lift over factory 4x4. Any way to confirm this? Will it change my ability to...
  20. JR2085

    Dealer tried to force GPS theft deterrent add on

    I'm not sure what the downside is to it. I receive a monthly discount on my car insurance and get alerts if someone is messing with my truck. If you don't want to be tracked, I would remove all electronics from your life. Cell phones, computers, navigation systems. The data is out there for the...