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  1. Webbd30

    Dash Cam opinions. "Rear view or Interior view "

    Hey guys and gals. I am going to be adding the Blackvue 4K camera to my truck and wanted to get you all's opinion. I have thought about this and I don't really see the need for a "Rear view camera". I often back my truck in when I park and never really pull into parking spaces. I also find...
  2. Webbd30

    BAK Revolver X4 w Rambox installed.

    Just knocked out my revolver X4 install on my Laramie with Rambox. I know there were issues in early production but that has been resolved. Mine was produced after February 15th FYI. Use lots of WD40 and be patient the rails will slide in. You will also need 2 people to do it safely...
  3. Webbd30

    285/65r20 +1 last call! on Stock or Air suspension.

    Alright guys I have read through a ton of threads and have seen many different answers. I want to know if any members have run this set up and can post some pictures, findings, and reviews of your experiences. I plan to run: 285/65/r20 on Fuel 20X9 +1 wheels. My current ordered set up is...
  4. Webbd30

    Air suspension with off road package 35x11.5R20

    HI, I have looked around for a bit now with no solid luck on exactly what I'm looking for so im going to try my luck! I ordered a Ram 19 Laramie with the off road package "1in lift" and Air suspension. has any one run 35x11.5R20 on their Ram yet and if so what amount of modifications did you...