A closer look at the 2019 Ram lights

Recent photos give us a look at Rams new LED light signature



Recent 2019 Ram spy shots have given us some very up close looks at the new trucks headlights and taillights. By playing around with some brightness and exposure levels we are able to get a better look at the Rams new light signature.

2019 Ram lights

We can see that they are going with a nice symmetrical design top and bottom with the top bar being thinner than the bottom. Both bars curve around the inner headlight assembly before taking a small curve towards each other on the sides stopping where the reflector is mounted. I currently believe that all rams will have LED headlight bulbs and that there will be 2 different styles of  headlights, 1 for the upper trims and 1 for the lower.

2019 Ram lights

Directly above the bottom signature light is the turn signal LED bar that follows the signature lighting curvature and lines up perfectly with the ports on the grille.


2019 Ram lights

All the trucks that have been spotted so far have the LED taillights with blind spot monitoring. At this point we are currently unsure if there will be 2 different style taillights or just the one. This photo shows an LED signature outlining the taillights and curving slightly towards each other on the insides of the housings. This design should provide better visibility at night to other drivers than the very thin outline LED Ford went with for the 2015-2017 F150.

2019 Ram lights

The 2 clear parts hold LED switchbacks that flash amber for the turn signals or red for brake lights. The middle part is presumably for the blind spot radar system with the backup lights being mounted vertically in the clear strip there. They are presumably LED as well.

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