Caught: Ram Rebel TRX Powertrain Mule

New TRX Powertrain mule has distinctive hellcat whine

Our friends at Spiedbilde photography just sent us over these photos of what is believed to be a Ram Rebel TRX powertrain mule. This truck was recently caught testing in Arizona with a Challenger HELLCAT widebody and while it looks like a standard Big Horn there are a few external clues. 

Hellcat Ram
Ram Rebel TRX Powertrain Mule (Spiedbilde Photography)

This truck has a Michigan Manufacturers plate which means it is owned by FCA and we can see that the truck has at least a leveling kit on it along with Fuel wheels and 35 inch BfGoodrich K02’s.

Rebel TRX
Ram Rebel TRX Powertrain Mule (Spiedbilde Photography)

We believe that the TRX will have a much more exotic suspension setup than this (we are told that the TRX will feature King shocks and we also think it will have a wider stance than other Ram 1500s.) Visually what we can see that is interesting is what looks like an axle locator bracket extending from the frame of the truck under the rear doors, to the rear axle. This brace is most likely installed to reduce axle wrap and help keep the rear axle in check. 

Rebel TRX Mule
Ram Rebel TRX Powertrain Mule (Spiedbilde Photography)

Now why would this truck need that axle bracket when other Ram 1500s don’t? The photographer said that this truck had the distinctive HELLCAT supercharger whine and that when the engineer got on it to get away from being photographed the truck took off like a rocket. Visually you can tell that the truck is testing a new powertrain by the distinctive exhaust tips as well. Exhaust tips like these are typically on powertrain mules as they have a lip that makes it easier for engineers to hook testing equipment up to. 

Rebel TRX Mule
Ram Rebel TRX Powertrain Mule (Spiedbilde Photography)

Ram has confirmed the TRX for production and we expect to see it for the 2021 model year. Stay tuned to 5thGenRams for all the latest news and information, the full Gallery is below. 

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