Breaking: Ram files new tailgate design with U.S patent office

Ram files a second tailgate design with the USPTO

Back in early February we wrote this article discussing a patent that FCA filed in 2014 showing a split tailgate as well as a loading ramp system integrated with the truck box. Now thanks to a tip we see that FCA has filed a patent for yet another tailgate design, just a month ago.

Ram tailgate
FCA Tailgate patent drawing (USPTO)

The patent filing titled: Drop Tailgate with Integrated Step, was filed on May 1st 2018. According to the patent drawings and description Ram is looking at a dual action tailgate with 2 swing links that are able to stop the tailgate at a 90 degree angle from opening like a standard tailgate. The second deployment of the tailgate would deploy the second set of swing links allowing the tailgate to open another roughly 45 degreees. The inside of the tailgate would have steps built in to allow easier access to the bed. 

FCA Tailgate patent drawing (USPTO)
FCA Tailgate patent drawing (USPTO)

We don’t know whether this is currently slated for production, the features guide that we posted back in January had a multifunction tailgate listed as a late availability option. Whether that is the tailgate described above or the split tailgate is not known at this time. 

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Source: USPTO

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