Is a 4×4 Off-Road package coming to the 1500?

Something to rival the competitions FX4 and Z71 packages

Is there an off road package coming to the 2019 Ram?

One thing that seems to be missing from the Ram 1500 lineup is an optional off road package. Ford and GM sell a ton of pickups with their respective FX4 and Z71 packages but that is an area that Ram doesn’t compete. Sure you have the 1500 Rebel but thats a bit more extensive than just an off-road package. The Rebel is also quite a bit more expensive than lower trim 1500’s. There is also the Outdoorsman trim that has a 3/4 inch raised ride height, skid plates and off road tuned suspension but that is also it’s own trim level. Ram added an off-road package to the 2500 for 2017.

2019 Ram 4x4

There are rumours that the 2019 Ram 4×4 with have an optional off-road package to go up against the Z71’s and FX4’s of the world. Ram introduced a 4×4 off-road package for the 2500 trucks for the 2017 model year and it is logical that they follow that formula for the 1500. The 2019 Ram 4×4 off-road package could include things such as:

  • Special tires (Prototype Rams were seen with Falken Wildpeak AT3’s and seemed to have a bit of a raised ride height. There were thoughts those trucks were Rebels but we have confirmed that they were not and have also confirmed that the Rebel will have Duratracs.)
  • Raised ride height and different shocks
  • Skid plates
  • Tow Hooks
  • Rear locker

A package like that would be able to be sold as an options across multiple trims. For a reasonable price for people that don’t want/need a Rebel. This also would give Ram something to go against the competitions off-road packages. (Sources were not able to confirm or deny such a package at this time.)

Let me know whether you think Ram will offer an off road package on the 2019 Ram 4×4 in the Forums.

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