Rumor: Ram to put 6’4 Rambox bed into production this fall

We hear some news about the larger Rambox beds

One of the most common questions that we get is when the 2019 Ram 1500 will be available in a 6’4″ box with Ramboxes. While Ram has not officially announced the longer bed being available with the Ramboxes, 5thGenRams has been told by an industry insider that Ram is expected to put the 6 foot 4 inch bed with Ramboxes into production this fall. This would allow buyers that want the Quad Cab but also Ramboxes to fulfill their needs as the Quad Cab is only available with the 6’4″ box, there are also Crew Cab buyers that are holding out as they want the longer bed with the Ramboxes. 

2019 Ram box
2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn with Ram Box (Real Fast Fotography photo)

The Rambox option appears to be a thorn in the side for Ram. Production began in early July but very few trucks that we know of have actually been built A few of our forum members have had their trucks built yet but not shipped (there is a National railcar shortage affecting the whole industry,) we have reached out to Ram and have been told that they are using additional means of transport to get trucks to customers. On the flip side we also have members with Rambox equipped trucks ordered 12 weeks ago that haven’t been scheduled for build yet. We have been hearing rumors of Rambox supplier issues but have not been able to confirm. That would make sense though as to why Ram hasn’t announced anything about the 6 foot 4 bed with Ramboxes yet. 5thGenRams along with our sources will continue digging to try and find out whether the rumors of supplier issues are true. 

Stay tuned to 5thGenRams for all the latest news and information. 

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